2012 NFL Season Preview: Brian Quick

ST. LOUIS, MO - MAY 12: Brian Quick #83 of the St. Louis Rams makes a catch during rookie mini camp at the ContinuityX Training Center on May 12, 2012 in St. Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

Between a 4,000 mile road-trip, a cross country move and of course, the upcoming holiday where we Americans love to blow stuff up in the name of America, I've been a little busy and a little absent from TST. (Editors note: No I haven't been busy, I'm just lazy). So when I said I wanted this to be a weekly deal, well...needless to say it fell through.

Slacking aside, this time I'm looking at Rams Wide Reciever/Passing-Game-Savior Brian Quick. Rams fans don't exactly have fond memories of the 2011 passing game, so when the Rams traded down and dismissed first tier option Michael Floyd, a lot of fans were left scratching their heads. When they drafted Brian Quick, fans were equally as puzzled. Sure, the small school prospect had potential...but what the Rams really needed was results. Now.

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If you are left thinking Quick has a lot of weight on his shoulders, that's because he does! Quick's skill and size could help him transition quickly into the NFL, but he still has some work to do. Quick has even more motivation after Steven Jackson called him out, and if there is one thing Rams fans know for sure, it is to not get on SJ39's bad side.

The first thing I want to look at is his catching ability. Coming from a small school, you hear all sorts of "he's very raw" comments. With that said, he has some body-catch problems. Save your innuendos for the comments and check out this short video:

Granted, the ball was a tad low, but that issue still remains. Luckily, problems like that are exactly what coaches are for, and Wide Receiver Coach Ray Sherman is one of the best. What Sherman doesn't need to worry about however, is Quick's big catch ability. His size and superb vision allow him to stay with the ball and make highlight catches, as shown in the following two videos:

This vision and concentration will be paramount to Quick's campaign in 2012. While there isn't any doubt he has rough edges (obligatory rookie route running comment inserted here), that catching ability will go a long way in easing Sam Bradford's shaky, shaky nerves. It will also come in handy in the red-zone, something the Rams really, really, ridiculously need.

Quick's above average vision allows him to be more elusive than his measurements would indicate. He isn't a burner, and isn't exactly a small target, yet he still can shift his way through defenders to pick up some much needed YAC. Another promising skill for 2012, as if any true Rams fan doesn't remember the horribly short drives the offense had last year.

Check out his shifty moves:

Quick isn't a perfect prospect; he's extremely raw and that leads to many question marks in his transition to the NFL. What he does bring to the table, however, is a certain set of skills that allow him to hide his weaknesses. His vision, size, and highlight-catch ability make him a great red zone target for a shaky Bradford, someone who needs to find a trustworthy receiver to boost his confidence. If Quick can harness those strengths, he could have an impressive year while still learning the finer points of a NFL receiver.

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