Breakout candidates!

These are some of the guys which I think can break out and have HUGE years. There is many more I could of added, but I wanted to keep the list short. Lets get to it!

Robert Quinn, DE: Robert Quinn was a beast posting up 5 sacks and 3 blocked punts playing very scarcely last year. He has natural pass rush ability and is extremely fast. You know whats even more impressive? The fact that he missed his senior season, and still put on last year. Imagine what that experience will do? Quinn has absolutely LOADS of potential and many believe he can easily reach double digit sacks in only his second season. He can have a JPP like impact, and yes thats speaking extremely highly of him. Quinn is a better pure pass rusher than Long, can't wait to see them work together with 2 mammoths at the DT position.

Janoris Jenkins, CB: I think even in just his rookie year Janoris Jenkins can show every team why they made a huge mistake on passing on him. Jack Rabbit has the chance to come right out of the gate and be successful in this league. With his uncanny ability to stay loose in his hips, locate the ball and snag it, tackle, and shadow WR's, he is not like many other CB's coming out of college. He is the complete package. He'll see his fair share of balls when teams would prefer to stay away from Cortland Finnegan. I can see multiple INT's from Jack Rabbit, and several terrific plays that'll go unnoticed due to his coverage abilities. One of the most exciting rookie Rams in many, many years.

Sam Bradford, QB: I think I cheaped out on this one. I can see Bradford having a huge year. Many of us are expecting it with a hopefully improved offensive line, improved WR corps, health of the offense and team, and the addition of Jeff Fisher/Brian Schottenheimer. Bradford finally will have some weapons to play around with through the additions of guys like Brian Quick, Chris Givens, and Isaiah Pead. I am hoping for a terrific season that'll put Bradford in the discussion for a top 8 QB in the NFL.

Brian Quick, WR: Quick is a monster measuring in at 6'4. He has the ability to kill it this year. He won't be short of chances with us relying on him so heavily either. He is raw, but he's been working. Hopefully he can grasp the offense, and steadily improve his route running by Week 1. If he can turn his route running into a serious strength, watch out. It's going to be fun watching Sam toss the ball up for Quick to go get, especially in the red zone (fades). Quick has serious potential, even T.O comparisons were made by the Rams staff.

Jason Smith, RT: This is his last chance to prove to us why he was the #2 pick. I think the addition of Paul Boudreau is going to be HUGE for our OT's. Smith has admitted his past mistakes, and is working on them. This off-season looks different for Smith. I think he can get his things together this time around, if he can stay healthy.

Rodger Saffold, LT: Just like Smith, Saffold must improve for our offense to be successful. If he can go back to his rookie year level of play, he'll be solid. I am 100% comfortable with Saffold, and I believe he will once again prove his worth. He had an off year in which he tore his pectoral as well. This season will be his best yet, especially with the addition of a coach like Paul Boudreau.

Lance Kendricks, TE: Kendricks had a rough rookie campaign. In the pre-season he had 11 receptions, 155 yards, and 3 TD's. The rest of the year, he had 28 receptions, 352 yards, and 0 TD's. His pre-season was spectacular. He and Bradford were connecting all over the field. He showed us what he's capable of, he just needs to stay confident and consistent. He had a severe case of the drops during the regular season, which really haunted him, and destroyed every last drop of confidence he had. Seeing as much as Schottenheimer utilizes the TE in his system, Kendricks has the ability to kill it this year. Reminds me a lot of Dustin Keller too.

Darian Stewart, S: Stew had a great year last year. 84 tackles, 3.0 sacks, 2 FF, 1 INT, 1 TD, 11 PDF. Goes to show his versatility. Whatever he was asked to do, he did it efficiently. If he can continue to improve, he will be a pro bowler soon. Playing alongside a veteran in Quintin Mikell doesn't hurt. Not to mention the additions of many new LB's and DT's to help the safeties out. Stewart is a great tackler, though he will wiff every here or there.

Who do you guys think has a good chance of breaking out?

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