Game by game win/loss 2nd edition

First before we get into this years predictions lets look at last years(for your pleasure).

Rams VS. Eagles W 27-13 Defense is pumped ,3rd year in system. Offense runs a lot all 3 backs get work. sam is decent enough to win.

what really happened (loss 31-13 , started great then SJ39 went down and so did the Rams)

Rams VS Giants W 21-14 Defense continues great play. sam throws well , running game not so good against giants D

WRH ( loss 28-16, we had a shot then it all fell apart , the Giants also should their true colors in the fake injuries)

Rams VS Ravens L 13-24 Defense plays decently but rice breaks a couple big ones , O continues downward spiral WR changes coming.

WRH (loss 37-7 , it was uglier then the score if that is possible , the day i knew Justin King would be a star...on my team in Europe)

Rams VS Washington W 33-10 defense plays lights out a lot of turnovers, Rams O comes to life with a starting lineup of Avery MSW and Amendola doing big damage

WRH (loss 17-10, i was wrong again)

Rams VS Packers L 21-28 rams fight but packers are too much late turnover seals deal for the pack.

WRH (loss 24-3 , i got one)

Rams VS Dallas W 28-17 dallas underachieves again this year rams win easily SJ39 huge day.

WRH (loss 34-7, and again i am wrong)

Rams VS Saints L 16-31 rams cant find endzone settle for FGs most game , saints handle our D with steady running then big pass plays

WRH (win 31-21, even when we win i am wrong, Feeley kept us in it and SJ39 had an inspired game)

Rams VS Cardinals W 28-10 Kolb takes a beating cards RBs cant find any holes, rams O cruises

WRH ( loss 19-13, the Rams came out inspired from their only win but it would not last)

Rams VS Browns W 21-16 Browns hang tough wanting to win for Pat but rams are the better team and pull out the victory

WRH ( win 13-12 , I AM RIGHT, this proves i know exactly what i am talking about and i get all my credibility back)

Rams VS Seahawks W 41-13 Easiest win of season , Sams best game yet , SJ39 also does some work.

WRH (loss 24-7, and i am back)

Rams VS Cardinals L 24-26 Cards are energize kolb plays better , rams try to come back in second half but fall short.

WRH (loss 23-20 , close game ,which for 2012 is almost like a win for Rams fans)

Rams VS 49ers W 17-6 Rams D holds them to 2 FGs , O gets too nice deep balls to Avery and its more then enough.

WRH (loss 26-0, shutout nuff said)

Rams VS Seahawks W 23-17 Seahawks come out trying to redeem themselves but rams stay focused and win a close one. Rams clinch Division , Great day and i will be drunk

WRH ( loss 30-13 , we get smoked by the seachickens and i was happy since i wanted to lose to fire spags from here on,sad i know)

Rams VS Bengals W 36-10 Rams beat worst team in NFL enough said.

WRH (loss 20-13, not pretty like most games)

Rams VS Steelers L 28-9 First game with no TDs but its in Pittsburgh and they got one hell of a D.

WRH (loss 27-0, shutout number 2 on the season)

Rams VS 49ers W 20-17 starters rest most of game but Thad lewis does well in his first action of the season rams win. PLAYOFFSSSSSSSS

WRH (loss 34-27, we scored 27 points which is not seen much these past couple of years but we get another L and no we didnt make the PLAYOFFSSSSSSS)

SO now that you saw how on the mark i was last year , i know you are dieing to see this years predictions and i know you will use some of these to bet on the games, you might just want to reverse the W/L part if you like your money.


2012 Rams predictions

1 at Lions Win 24-6

Rams D shows what is to come this year as Ints and sacks are plentiful. Our O scores on the back of SJ39 and some undropped balls in the endzone.

2 Redskins Loss 13-14

Close game but the Rams struggle to score with some rookie and 2nd year player mistakes, D holds up well but it is for not.

3 at Bears Win 17-10

Rams D continues its dominance even against a much improved Bears O. our offense continues to struggle but does do enough to win.

4 Seahawks Win 34-21

the D slips alitle but still does a decent job and our offense finally breaks out against the hated hawks ,Sam shows us why he is a top QB in the making.

5 Cardinals Win 26-3

On national TV , This is our coming out party and the Rams will be ready , 3 wins in a row for the first time in i dont know maybe 6 or 7 years , maybe more but i dont care to find out and be sad. Janoris and Brockers put on a show.

6 at Dolphins Loss 17-10

Rams slip up and a INT seals it for the fins.

7 Packers Loss 28-20

Packers and Rogers are too much and the D has its worst game of the year so far, maybe some CB injuries wouldn't be far fetched by this point.

8 Patriots Win 40-17

Blowout and we are on the plus side. Revenge is sweet and i have been waiting for it for some time. Brady is throw around like a rag doll and our CBs get some picks after he starts rushing passes. Quin and Long beast this game.

9 at 49ers Loss 20-10

The crowd and the high tension is too much for a young team and it shows on the field.

10 Jets loss 24-20

Close game ends with Tebow magic as he replaces that other QB by this point.

11 at Cardinals Loss16-7

Cards defend their home ground and even season series.

12 49ers Win 30-10

Rams seek revenge , their QB(i really forgot his name) gets destroyed , 7 sacks for the good guys and a couple picks for Finn and Tru. Sam and SJ do what they do and we get drunk.

13 at Bills Loss 21-17

We come back from a early deficit but its alittle too late, Mario gives Sam a headache.

14 Vikings Win 28-13

SJ39 best game of the year 3 ,yes 3 TDs and the D does what it has done for most of the season.

15 at Buccaneers Loss 13-12

Close game ,FG wins it in a heartbreaker.

16 at Seahawks Win 35-24

Sweep-a-roni , our O continues its season dominance of the Hawks D and our D holds it.

8-8 record and no playoffs but a good season and great start on our way to the top next year. and i hope to be right more then a couple of times.

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