Daily Positional Breakdown: Part 4: WR

Lets get right into it gentlemen!!

2011 - WR's

Brandon Lloyd:
11 GS, 51 receptions, 683 yards, 13.4 avg, 5 TD's

Brandon Gibson:
15 G, 36 receptions, 431 yards, 12.0 avg, 1 TD

Greg Salas:
6 G, 27 receptions, 264 yards, 9.8 avg, 0 TD

Austin Pettis:
12 G, 27 receptions, 256 yards, 9.5 avg, 0 TD

Danny Amendola:
1 G, 5 receptions, 45 yards, 9.0 avg, 0 TD

Danario Alexander:
10 G, 26 receptions, 431 yards, 16.6 avg, 2 TD's

Total (2011):
176 receptions, 2144 yards, 10.9 avg ,8 TD's

As we all seen last year, our WR position was often injured. Even when healthy they struggled to separate consistently, and even catch the ball. DX is the established deep threat with an average of 16.6 YPC. Amendola was a huge loss for us. Even when he went down, Salas stepped up and looked almost as good, until he too went down. Pettis had a "meh" year and will miss the first two games due to suspension. Lloyd is now a Cheatriot.

2012 - Projections

Brian Quick:
16 G, 58 receptions, 723 yards, 12.5 avg, 6 TD's

Chris Givens:
14 G, 34 receptions, 518 yards, 15.2 avg, 4 TD's

Danny Amendola:
16 G, 72 receptions, 634 yards, 8.8 avg avg, 4 TD's

Greg Salas:
14 G, 26 receptions, 275 yards, 10.6 avg, 2 TD's

Austin Pettis:
10 G, 11 receptions, 105 yards, 8.0 avg, 0 TD

Danario Alexander:
10 G, 16 receptions, 298 yards, 18.6 avg, 3 TD's

Total (2012):
217 receptions, 2553 yards, 12.3 avg, 19 TD's

As you can see I expect a lot better this upcoming year. We have a ton of weapons for Bradford to play with, especially newly drafted WR's Brian Quick and Chris Givens. Givens is our speedster that'll stretch the field with his 4.39 speed. Brian Quick will be our main 'X' WR (6'4) can match up with any CB in the NFL. We get Amendola and Salas back from injury to man the slot and have mismatches all over the field. DX will continue to be our deep threat, though he won't be forced to "over-play".

"The Edge"

Once again, as you can see I expect a big improvement in the upcoming year. I think the Quick and Givens additions will be huge. They are terrific compliments towards each other. Not to mention Amendola and Salas our slot WR's returning. Salas is amazing at gaining YAC and Amendola can convert any 3rd and short. He has unreal hands as well, and can play ST effectively. We can sprinkle a little DX here and there and take a few deep shots to him opposite of Quick or Givens to compliment.

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