Im bored, what about you?: Rams Offense Predictions

This off-season is taking forever, dang it! Since I am bored, and starving for some non-madden football( Rams won the 2014 Superbowl baby! Although with nobody from the current team, ah who cares, it still the rams) I thought I'll write about the Rams offense predictions, followed by defense predictions and special teams predictions(yes, im that bored). Finally ill end up with season predictions.

To start you on this read in a good mood, here is a beast of a video

Steven Jackson "BEAST" Video (via Ramsfanx99)

So, If you didn't watch the video, go watch now, even if your internet is slow, I'll wait, I mean you have nothing else to do right? Its the off-season, like they would have work during the off-season..... finished? Beast of a vid, huh? Props to Ramsfanx99. Anyway, after watching Steven Jackson blowing people up, I was motivated to make this, so if the stats are over-optimistic, blame the video.

Sam Bradford

Sam will throw for around 3500-4000 yards I believe. Pead will be a screen back more then anything, while fisher and co would want Bradford up to speed quickly. He would throw for 28-35 TD. Is that more then what the Rams scored the whole of last season? Seems like it. He also has 1 rushing TD.

Steven Jackson

Steven Jackson, I believe, will have a break-out year, or as break out as you can be when you average 1000 yards a season, behind a STL Rams line. What I mean is not a 2000 yard season, but maybe a 1500 one with double digits TDs. With a better passing game and Iasaih Pead spelling him, he could have a big year.

Iasiah Pead

He is I think going to be used more in the passing game, especially in the screen pass game. But don't count him out to go all faulk like if Jackson gets injured(touch wood he dosn't). At least this year hopefully Jackson won't need to push him self to play every down and fight through injury.

The wide receivers

I already made a post about them, so refer to this.

The O-line

I think this year our O-line will really shine. They have a better coach and will be in a system where they excel, the short, quick pass game and power running.

Here, thats it. Give me any advice on the predictions, and like I said, they are probably too optimistic. Anyway, what are your predictions? If I get enough, I may combine all of your predictions into another post( that way, I have more posts to my name, yah! And it would actually be filled with quality stuff!) but if you want, write one on your own! Things are slow here, so write whatever you want, I'm not sure if it even has to be related to football. Plus, this give me some new things to read.

P.S: The last paragraph is slightly lame, take in the correct way, the way that is called, ramsfanindia is a moron. :P

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