How Can We Pump Up The Dome Again? Besides A Rams Win, Of Course...

Hello Rams Fans!

I hope the summer is treating you well so far. Sounds like things are hoppin' at Rams park and the season is fast (or slow, depending on your point of reference) approaching.

Since this is the best, and most loyal, Rams community, I wanted to bring to your attention the possibility of a "revitalized" Dome this year. What do I mean by "revitalized"? Take a look after the jump (hint: we, as fans, can be the most influential).

How many of you have been to a Blues game, and heard the Ameren Power Play bit? And how many of you have been involved with the chant, standing up and making your arms the two-pronged power sources used to cheer the Blues on their power plays? I have, and it's pretty "electrifying" (try to pardon the pun, or don't... it was terrible!)

Well, it's time the Dome had this level of fan involvement, something we can do together to get the Rams pumped up when they need us the most. Lately, it certainly hasn't been easy to get fired up, with a record of 15-65 in the last 5 years. However, this is a new regime, with a re-invigoration of talent and enthusiasm, and they deserve to hear our support (at least initially, and hopefully all season!)

That said, I would like to introduce an idea for a highly interactive chant that could fire up our players, and keep us on our feet. As many of you know, and especially Brick Top, I am an unabashed Ohio State supporter (BSME 2005 baby!) We have a tradition at Ohio State of splitting up the Horse Shoe into 4 quadrants, each quadrant assigned a letter in "Ohio".

When it is time to raise the roof, we as fans yell our allotted letter as loud as we can, going counterclockwise around the stadium until our voices drown out any support that the other team's fans can muster, and our players are surrounded by their 12th man. Just ask James Laurinaitis (@jrLaurinaitis on twitter) and other Buckeye players how much this gets them pumped.

I would like to introduce something similar, using "Rams" instead of "Ohio". See the link below to how we would represent the letters in "Rams":

I would imagine the announcer would say something like "All right fans, who is our team?" (or something non lame, help me out here) and we would respond with "R-A-M-S" similar to the video below: (via You Tube)

I would welcome any other ideas that you think would get our fan base reinvigorated, besides getting some wins of course! Comment here, or send me a tweet: @lannyosu

Thanks for reading, and Go Rams!

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