Top 25 prospects of 2013

So Mel Kiper has decided to roll out his big board prospects to roll by once the 2013 draft comes. Now I'm not gunna list the entire list because, well I don't know over half these guys, and not all of these young guns are fit for this Rams team. In case you are wondering, a QB is on top. Here is to hoping Washington forms an 0-16 NFL team next season.

So I've said I'm not gunna list all 25 players, but I am gunna list players to watch that could be drafted in the first 2 rounds by St. Louis. They are numbered by overall rank.

1. Matt Barkley Quarterback

Kiper suggests that Barkley would have battled RG3 for the #2 pick. If Washington tanks, look for another replica trade of this years draft.

2. Jarvis Jones Outside Linebacker

For a linebacker this good, getting out of the top 5 is outrageous. He is explosive, covers very well, and an excelent edge rusher. He projects well as a 3-4 defensive OLB so a trade up is possible.

6. D.J. Fluker Offensive Tackle

Pass-blocking is his strength, although his run blocking isn't bad. Still has room to develop even with his high natural talent.

7. Robert Woods Wide Reciever

The top WR on this board. At 6'1", he shows great speed and after the catch ability. This guy can be the deep threat needed if Quick/Givens doesn't pan out.

12. Taylor Lewan Offensive Tackle

The Rams have a real shot at drafting this guy. Compares to Jake Long by some, and projects as a left tackle. Can move well against speed rushers, which he will see alot in the NFL.

15. Kewann Short Defensive Tackle

Yes I know, but there are really only 2 worthy tackles on the line, Short can add a valuable rotation guy, and with a rookie salary, I say makes the line that much better.

19. Marcus Lattimore Running Back

This guy could slip into the second round, and if Steven Jackson drops off enough, which i doubt, they could be looking for somebody to complimate pead in the nearer future.

23. Corey Lemonier Defensive End

A natural pass rusher that would be a great rotational player.

Noticeable Seniors

T.J. McDonald Safety

Could be the first safety taken, and if the Rams have a pick near 20, he could be wearing blue and gold.

John Simon Defensive Line

Very versatile and can be used as an end or a tackle. Has a very high motor and a great athlete.

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