Comparisons Galore

People fall in love with comparing younger players to older, more successful ones. I for the most part don't like comparisons because I think it depreciates what the younger player has and will do in the future because all we will ever do is compare it to their predecessor (i.e. Lebron James to Jordan). But for this particular post I will tell you who I see some of the younger Qbs comparing to considering their surroundings and mentality. Before I start it though i'd like to point out that no I don't believe that this is an exact gauge to how these young QBs will turn out but this just just who they remind me of.

Matthew Stafford - Peyton Manning: There have been many comparisons between younger QBs to Peyton Manning like Bradford and Luck but I think Stafford compares more to him then the two others listed because of his surroundings. Stafford has arguably the best Wrs in the league in Calvin Johnson aka Megatron and plenty of other weapons to surround him. The only thing that could stop Stafford from becoming a top 5 QB in the league is injuries, that's it. I believe he'll win at least one but in the end we'll question why he didn't win more with the weapons that he's surrounded with i.e. Peyton Manning.

Sam Bradford - Tom Brady: I have said it once and I'll say it again, I think Bradford and Stafford will be the next big rivalry between QBs in the league close to the Manning vs Brady rivalry that we've had the treat of seeing over the past decade. Sam reminds me of Brady because of the coaches that he's had around him and his surroundings. Over his short career, Sam has had 2 coaches, both have been defensive minded and run the ball first type coaches. This is very similar to Belichick because he's also a defensive minded coach. If you remember all 3 of Tom's super bowls you could contribute to a great defense and kicker. Also you could say that Tom succeed with less than average surroundings, if you don't believe so name me one Wr from the rosters that won the 3 super bowls. You could say the same for Sam, minus Lloyd I bet no non Ram fan could name me 1 Ram Wr. I think Sam will succeed and win multiple Super Bowls.

Jay Cutler - Brett Favre: This one I can just see because of their mentalities. They both have/had that gun slinger mentality and could lose you a game as easy as win you a game because of their mentality. Both also have had/have injuries in their career and have had their fair share of big hits. I don't know if Cutler will ever win a Super Bowl in his career but thanks to a good D he might.

Robert Griffin III - Micheal Vick: I think this comparison has been beaten to death by most but it makes the most sense. I see RG3 as a most accurate version of Micheal VIck but going into similar situations. RG3 might be doomed from the start like Micheal Vick because of his surrounds going into Washington and he'll surly be running for his life (although he is a good pocket passer) because a lack of weapons. I for one hope RG3 wins a Super Bowl just to prove that a Scrambling QB can do so although the odds are seriously stacked against him.

Cam Newton - Donovon McNabb: Cam Newton compares nicely to McNabb because they're both scambeling QBs and show amazing potential. I don't think Cam will ever win a Superbowl (like McNabb) because on one end he's has a great amount of potential and he's out to prove everyone wrong. But at the same time he seems more like an entertainer and wants to put on a show. I've been wrong about Cam once and I hope he proves me wrong again.

Andrew Luck - Aaron Rodgers: There have been a lot of comparison between Luck and Peyton but I just don't see it. Although you could say they both have good arms, very accurate and both made their start with the Colts, Luck is more mobile than Peyton ever was and uses it to his advantage, He reminds me more of Aaron Rodgers because of that aspect of his game.

That's basically all I can think of right now. As I said above this isn't an exact gauge on how each player's career will pan out but I can't help but think of these particular comparisons when I think of these certain players. Do you agree with the comparison's and can you think of any others?

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