Rams Coaches Round Table



"In a event never seen before in the history of the Rams, former head-coaches get together with current head-coach Jeff Fisher for some open and frank conversion on the current state of the St. Louis Rams. Hello, my name is Justin. Since this is an historical moment for all of you, I will work my way around the table and give all of you the chance to address Jeff and ask your questions. But first, being the new guy in this group Jeff, would you like to take a moment to start this."

"Sure Justin. Gentlemen, I am honored to be here with some of the great coaches ever to lead a team. Some of you I have faced on opposing sidelines, coached with and others admired from afar and have based some of my coaching style after you."

"Thank you Jeff. You know most of these gentlemen, but I would like to go around and introduce everyone one here. First to my right is Rich Brooks."

"Congrats Jeff, this must be a exciting time for you."

"Thanks Rich, it's all happening fast. This era of coaching has changed a lot from when I first took over in Houston."

"Next Jeff, is Chuck Knox."

"Jeff, the Rams must be extremely happy to have a coach from your back-round."

"Thanks Chuck, I had great examples of how to do it right as a fan, college player and now in the pros as well."

"Up now is Dick Vermeil."

"Small world hey Jeff, welcome to the center piece of the NFL."

"Dick, coming from you, that means...well you know."

"Ok, Ray Malavisi."

"What a great position for you to be in now."

"You know what Ray, facing the unknown is new for me again. It's real life fantasy football, but with benefits."

"Mike Martz."

"Jeff, didn't I tell you that the spread would work?!"

"Hi to you too Mike!"

"And finally, John Robinson."

"Son, to see you here in this franchise is special."

"Thanks coach, might not be here if it wasn't for you."

"Yeah, you have to keep your since of humor, even more now."

"Ok, who wants to ask Jeff the first question."

"Coach Vermeil."

"Jeff, the whole front office has to be congratulated on the draft. It has seemed like forever since this many selections were possible coming from a point of strength. And drafting a punter, gusty!"

"Yes, this would not of been possible without the safe and secure choices made upstairs. It will also benefit the coming seasons."

"Coach Knox."

"I really admire the way you approach your game planning."

"You would coach, my base running game has a hint of the way you managed yours."

"Coach Martz."

"Did the man in motion confuse your defensive sets"

"Next question!"

"Coach Robinson."

"I was lucky to have a few great backs in my time coaching the Rams. What does having Steven Jackson mean to you?"

"This young man's heart is big. He wants to win very much now. And I see a jump of talent around him. But, I know there a much to be done to make this a complete roster."

"Coach Brooks."

"No one has mentioned the talent on defense."

"Yes coach, we've been watching film and many great things stand out and I'm hoping players like Chris Long can set the example for the new players and draftees."

"Coach Malavisi."

"The thought of not having a few players to start the season must not be as worry some going in."

"Any injury can't be ignored. And this must be addressed."

"You're eluding to a more hands on training techniques."

"Yes Justin, with all the injuries from last year, prevention is a key issue now."

"Coach Vermeil."

"Some in the media and I'm sure quite a few fans are making comparisons to when I took over the Rams to your stepping in now."

"Well coach, every coaching situation is different. But to hope for the same success that resulted in your wake with the Rams will be very hard to duplicate."

'Coach Martz."

"Calling plays requires using every second in between and using all your timeouts before halftime is O.K."


"Coach Knox."

"Usually, coaches don't like to put win numbers on a season, but with the recent history of this team, it can only can better."

'I certainly agree, no one could have foreseen the injuries last year. I have all the respect in the world for what the staff had to go though. But, I will not accept anything less than every-ones best effort."

"Coach Robinson."

"You must feel blessed having a talent like Sam Bradford at quarterback going in."

"Yeah John, last year was tough for Sam with his injury and learning a new offense. He will be asked to do less like the line calls. Of course it is another offense for him to learn, but he has the concepts of two already and the coaching staff will do their best that Sam is running things within his limits."

"Coach Brooks."

"Up to last year the NFC West was viewed as the weak link in the NFL. What's you're take going in this year?"

"San Fransisco will be the favorite this year after their great season last year. But, all the teams closed the gap up to the draft. So as far as I'm concerned, there will be more respect for all the teams in this division."

"Well Jeff, I will have the last question for this session. Will the stadium issues be a distraction for you?"

"No Justin, they will not. We have a great front office staff that will manage that. My main concern is to field the best 53 players that are available to me and put them on the field. Training camp is only the beginning of the work needed to be done here."

"It has been my complete pleasure to host this event. I plan to hold another one of these sessions real soon, so stay tuned."

Attention San Francisco Area Rams fans. I am looking to organize a local fantasy football league for TSTers. As a starting point, anyone one within the area of Santa Rosa to the North, Sacramento to the East and Salinas to the South. Of course it is open to all here, but being present at the draft ensures the integrity of everything concerned. If there is a writer here willing to be the contact for this please let me know. Thanks ahead of time!

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