I Guess I'll Take A Stab At It - Schedule Prediction

There has been much debate on how the Rams will fare in their upcoming season. We could all say that this upcoming season is about the team progressing, seeing how Fisher does in his first season as a coach of the Rams but lets be honest, this season about Sam. In other words, this team will go as far as Sam takes them. Below I will predict how many games the Rams win plus I will give explanations. So without further or do...

Week 1. @ Detroit Lions - This game despite conventional wisdom is not an automatic loss. The Detroit Lions had a great season last season but they have yet proved anything. We've seen in recent years where a team would do great one year, get all this buzz from the media and proceed to bomb in the next season. The Titans and Dolphins are two teams in recent memory. In my opinion. Sam will throw more than expected in a Fisher Offense because the Lions can put up points quick with Stafford and their many weapons on the offense.

Keys to the Game - Keep everything in front of us on D and keeping their aggressive D-Line off of Sam.

Score - I think these things will happen, our team will come out and make a statement, 27 - 20 W

Week 2. Washington Redskins - Sam will play this game down as just any other game but he knows this is as close to a must win as they get. Unless you live under a rock you know the Rams traded down with the Redskins, skipping on the possibility of getting RG3, putting their faith in Bradford as the Rams Franchise QB. If the Rams lose this game, the media and some Rams fans will question whether this FO made the right decision. It seems petty but think about it, makes sense.

Keys to the Game - Remember that RG3 is a rookie and pressure him. Make him make rookie mistakes with an aggressive D and Sam needs to show why this FO believes in him.

Score - I believe they win this game, the match up normally goes back and fourth between these two teams, it's our turn to win. 24 - 14 W

Week 3. @ Chicago Bears - Coming off two straight wins this will be a hard nosed game. I think this will be one of those run first games that many are accustomed to seeing. This will be yet another tough game but I I see them airing it out more than they have in the past with their new acquisitions of Marshall and getting Alshon in the draft.

Keys to the Game - Get after Cutler and let him make the mistakes we've grown to love

Score - This is a toss up for me, my heart says we win but my mind says three wins in a row is pushing it. This seems like the kind of game that they'll have to ball last and win 24 - 17 L

Week 4. Seattle Seahawks - Our second home game of the year and it's against our hated rival. The Rams are now showing some confidence and dare I say showing some "swagger" (whatever the fuck that is). We were swept by them last season and I think we come out guns blazing trying to prove that we are not the Rams of last year.

Keys to the Game - DESTROY THEM!

Score - There's no way I see us losing this game, especially at home. Gotta defend the dome. 30 - 17 W

Week 5. Arizona Cardinals - Another week, another division rival. Which stings big time for most Ram fans because in the fashion we were beat last year due to returns brought back both times by Patrick Peterson. This should be about the time that the offense gets into it's groove. This is also another game that should challenge out secondary with one of the best Wide Receivers coming to town in Fitz and a rookie who should start on the other side of him in Floyd.

Keys to the Game - Get to Kolb and keep everything in front of us in the Secondary.

Score - If our defense can stop the big plays I'm sure our offense can do enough to win this game, 17 - 10 W

Week 6. @ Miami Dolphins - Time to take our talents to South Beach, huh? The Rams walk into the Dolphins stadium on a two game win streak. I would imagine that the Dolphins haven't won too many games with a rookie QB and a rebuilding team. I think we can come right out the gate and take command of this game or we can think we're too good and stutter.

Keys to the Game - Don't play down to our competition and remember that we can't afford no slip ups.

Score - I think we can get out early in this game and play some ground and pound. 20 - 10 W

Week 7. Green Bay Packers - On paper we should lose this game and by a land slide. Their Offense is one of the best in the NFL for the past couple of seasons and nothing would suggest they will be any worse this season, but here are some reasons why we can compete. Their secondary isn't that great and they were one of the worst teams in the NFL last season in total defense. They have taken steps to fix that but I think we can capitalize on it. This should be a game where Sam is highly motivated to win considering this is the team that gave him the initial ankle injury.

Keys to the Game - Don't be afraid to air it out and protect Sam

Score - It's just a feeling that I have but, 28 - 27 W, we surprised the Saints last season, why not the Packers this season?

Week 8. New England Patriots - A game that stirred up quite a controversy this offseason. The Rams emotional level in this game is pretty high after a shocking victory in the game before beating the Packers at home. The Patriots also have an offensive powerhouse headed by one of the best if not the best Qb in the NFL in Tom Brady. But they also had one of the worst Defenses in the NFL last season but spent most of their picks on in the last draft to fix it.

Keys to the Game - Get to Tom Brady and capitalize off mistake because that offense doesn't make many

Score - Although I could see a W, Brady proved last season that even with a bad D he can still win, 35 - 24 L

Week 9. Bye we go into the Bye with a 6 - 2 record, getting some solid victories under our belt.

Keys to the rest of the Season - Don't let up

Week 10 - @ San Francisco - We go into candlestick park with a 6 - 2 record feeling pretty good going against the reigning NFC West Champs. They have (in theory) a much improved offense with Moss and another year under Smith's belt with the same Offensive. This will be a game where the Defense has to create turnovers and force the issue, putting pressure on Smith and forcing him to make mistakes. Giving this offense as many chances on the opponents side of the field or close to it because the whiners defense is stifling and stingy.

Keys to the Game - Force Smith to make mistakes and Capitalize

Score - Another team I could see us beating but it is their home and I just don't see us beating them there until seen otherwise, 20 - 17 L

Week 11 - New York Jets - Following a crushing loss at the hands of the whiners, the Jets come to town. Whether the QB at the time is Tebow or Sanchez at the time, we can not afford to come out of bye on a two game lose streak. This seems to be another Defensive struggle game where field position and capitalizing off of the opposition's mistakes will be key. We can not in turn beat ourselves out of this game.

Keys to the Game - Capitialize off of the opposition's mistakes and give the Offense the opportunity to win it in the end

Score - We can't afford to lose this game, 20 - 10 W

Week 12 - @ Arizona Cardinals - Coming off of an impressive win against the Jets we now head into one of two rivals in the upcoming weeks. The Cardinals are at the point trying to position themselves to try and steal the NFC West in the end and have to win against us to have a chance. As said in the previous game against them, we can't allow for them to beat us on special teams.

Keys to the Game - Don't let their special teams beat us and prevent the big plays

Score - Can't see us sweeping them this season, they'll pull something out their ass, 24 - 20 L

Week 13 - San Francisco - The whiners come to town looking for a sweep against our Rams. Just like last game it looks like a defensive struggle but we most protect our home turf. We gotta at least give ourselves a chance at the end to steal the game and division from them.

Keys to the Game - Protect home turf and keep the chance of winning the division alive

Score - Can't see them sweeping use again this season, must win game here, 24 - 20 W

Week 14 - @ Buffalo Bills - In this game we face another team that's trying to establish themselves as a good team in the NFL. They're probably in a two way race with the Patriots as we are against the 49ers. This game comes down to mistakes and making sure they make more.

Keys to the Game - Keep our season alive

Score - I could see this game going either way but I you have to consider that one WTF game and this has that all over it, 20 - 16 L

Week 15 - Minnesota Vikings - The Minnesota Vikings are probably in last place at this point in a 3 way division with the Packers, Bears, and Lions fighting it out. At this point they're just fighting for pride in themselves. This is a game where we can't afford to lose with our playoff ambitions in the balance. One thing on their side though is they have the best Running back in the league and we all know now we fared against the run last season.

Keys to the Game - Keep Peterson bottled up and make Ponder beat us

Score - Must win game and we pull through, 28 - 13 W, Peterson can only do so much

Week 16 - @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Another team that I think will be much improve this season after a disappointing one last season. They much like us have a much improve team like us thanks to the draft and free agency. We all know what's at steak, a post season berth.

Keys to the Game - Keep the post season dream alive

Score - I could see this game going either way, for that 24 - 20 L

Week 17 - @ Seattle Seahawks - Ironic isn't it, our season rests on an away game much like it did two seasons ago in Sam's rookie season. In that game everything that could go wrong did, whether it was drops by crappy Receivers corps or not being able to get key stops in important times in the game. In this game that is unacceptable. I think the Rams come out of this game guns blazing proving that this isn't the same team as in past.

Keys to the Game - Win or Go Home

Score - I think we win this game and in a big way, 31 - 17 W

That means when it's all counted up, we end with a 10 - 6 record

Why so "optimistic" as some would say, easy. There are two main reason why I am optimistic about the Ram's chances this upcoming season. 1. NFL might be one of the least predicable mainstream sports. Sure you have a couple of teams that will most likely make the playoffs every year like the Patriots, Steelers, Packers, and Saints but after that there is much parity. There's always a team that's supposed to do good in the upcoming season that fails to meet expectations (Jets are one from last season) and there's always a team that comes out of nowhere to shock the world (Lions are one from last year). This is why it's not smart to count out any team before the season. 2. I felt as though the Rams were a playoff team last year. Yes we fell well short of that expectations but there were too many things against us in the end to discount like injuries, a new offense with a shortened offseason, and much more. This season we might have another offensive scheme coming but we 1. have a full offseason to install it and 2. it's similar to the one that Sam ran his rookie season.

In the end this division is highly competitive and I don't believe we should count ourselves out before the seasons even started. I hate that fans are already counting us out of the division by saying that we will win 5 games at most. This attitude is not that of a winner and having an attitude of this kind doesn't breed a champion either. You must hold you team accountable of winning not be OK with mediocrity.This is a new season and should be treated as though, everybody is undefeated at this point as fisher said. Of course, this all hinges on the rookies (especially Quick) producing right away which I also don't think is too far fetched. There's always a rookie that exceeds expectations, why can't he be on the Rams?

What do you think? What is your predictions for this upcoming season? Do we stand a chance of making the playoffs or is it another rebuilding season?

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