Random Ramsdom May 30th


Anyone else suffering from the great disease called the offseason? It's horrible. I actually accomplished something the last week. I may just become a responsible adult!

Have no fear because it is less than 100 days until the kickoff of the regular season. Seriously...only 99 days. I can't wait, but for now let's get to those links.

Dolphins agree to be on HBO's Hard Knocks

Hard Knocks is one of the best shows on television, but it was on the verge of permanent cancelation. Teams don't want to be on it. It's a distraction and an annoyance, but it's great for the fans. Hell, it can even be fun for the teams. This year the Dolphins will be appearing on the show. They lack the star power of many teams, but there is great intrigue about them with both a rookie head coach and a rookie QB.

Albert Haynesworth to the Rams? Don't bet on it.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network said the Rams may look at signing Haynesworth. Don't bet on them acquiring him though. Despite his talent he is too much of a risk to have to deal with, even with Jeff Fisher's great history with problem players. Albert will be waiting a long time to hear his phone ring.

Every ESPN analyst picks the Rams to be last

With their projections of the NFC West, everybody picked the Rams to finish last. It's hard to blame them, but not even one picks the Rams to finish 3rd? The Rams will have to earn respect by winning.

Fisher expects Janoris Jenkins to start

Jeff Fisher said he expected rookie CB Janoris Jenksin to start in a Q&A with KMOV. This is a bit shocking as CB is one of the toughest positions for a player to adjust to in the NFL. Bradley Fletcher is also a very good CB, but he does have injury history. No matter what the starting lineup is in the secondary, the Rams have a loaded unit.

Nick Fairley was arrested....again

Can I just say thank God the Lions picked him in the 2011 draft. The Rams might have ended up with this dumbass if not for the Lions. This would be the prime example of the worst case scenario for Janoris Jenkins. Read this Janoris. Learn from his mistakes and don't repeat them. Also it would be good if you would pick off a pass or two along the way.

Tom Brady is funny....really funny

Brady once again proved why we are all inferior to him with this hilarious clip (sorry can't post, not a youtube vid). Seriously? Is there anything he is bad at?

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!

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