It ain't over....



Yeah so what about that draft? Whether you liked the picks or not, I agree with the most recent post from AmpLee, "Whether they made the right picks or not, the new regime provided us with one of the most entertaining drafts since being in St. Louis." Ya damn right they did!

So now after reading almost all night and eating every bit of draft news I could, I wanna share with you what I think of the draft of 2012.

Due to a monster trade with Washington, we are sitting at #6 on draft day, but I never thought we would stay. Here's why; we needed more. That's all. We needed more and I think our front office was keenly aware of that going in, but there was a contingency. If Trent Richardson for some reason was still on the board by #6, he was ours. If Justin Blackmon was there at #6, which I think Fisher was hoping for, he would have been ours. You, me and the four walls; I never thought either of them would be there at 6.

So we get to #6, we of course know who wants who based on our guys on the phone feelin out the league. Our "guys are off the board", we need more picks. Make the move! In ride the Cowboys! By the way, isn't it wild how our team affiliations changed so drastically from coach to coach? Carolina, New York, Philly=Spags, Dallas/Washington/etc.=Fisher). Anyway, the deal is made and we sit at #14. Let me jump in right there. I didn't like this trade for one reason; we didn't get all of our money (points). I am heated right then! Why didn't we get all of our money?! Then like a puzzle on its last few pieces, it all of a sudden makes sense; we just wanted an extra pick. Our 3rd man is still on the board AND we get another pick? SOLD!

Who is that 3rd guy? Goodness who is there for us at #14 but lo and behold: Michael Brockers! Get 'em! Why you ask? Why not others? I will tell you simply; his personality fits. Sure there are other players here that we could have grabbed, but if there is fertile ground for a masterpiece, aka Haynesworth without the 'tude, you do that. Quickly.

In reading the story of this young man, he is worth the investment. He learned a long time ago about responsability. His situation constitutes a leader and like many others trying to make it in the league, that more is riding on this than him. His family is depending on him both immediate and beyond. This move for him to come to the pros was a business decision. Period. All of this makes for a leader who will always feel like he has something to prove and lose. He is raw, but someone feels like they can coach him up down in Earth City, so it's goin down in a BIG WAY. Like 6'5", 315 pound way. Welcome to the Rams Mr. Brockers.

Now, we have the first pick on day 2 and at this point I am speechless because this draft was nothing but a brokers floor. If the trade made sense, it was made. Not for this pick though. This one, Fisher and Snead were already in the know of who they wanted at this pick. It was WR time, but they had someone on their board who may have already been slotted for this pick anyway. As I said in my "Power moves" blog the other day, things are different at Rams Park and the front office showed you just how much they are with the draft.

Glad to see you Mr. Quick. This big man has a lot to offer and I believe will contribute early. I don't think he will be the #1. In fact, I might say that the #1 is not on the team yet. Let me keep on track though. I like this guy's physical play in making guys have to take him down. He may be a small school player, but the coaches believe that in the end, football is football. Mr. Snead believes they have a staff to help him make the transition successfully. So, I do like the pick. You do want someone that wants to play for you. We were 2-14 last year, so that probably effects the perception a player might have on a program. Just sayin.

Flash back to the days of Four Pillars. Do you really think that we would have had the guys we drafted in 2012 if Spags was still here? You really think we would have had Janoris Jenkins as a rookie? Really? Nope aaaaaannnnd nope! I am personally glad to see a front office that is not sitting on a horse too high to see talent and an opportunity for a change to be made in a young man's life. I watched the interview with him and I smell a boss. He has a swag about him, but I also think he knows when he has a chance to truly become great. So I really think he will be a leader and someone the Rams D can depend on. He's already giving props to his back field leader Cortland Finnegan, so he's showing respect right off. His off field life is something I am sure he will be able to reel in and keep in check.

We have something special happening, but because we've been beat down by loss and failure for what seems like an eternity, most of us don't want to buy in. We just want to take the wait and see approach. Even when I go to games, you can tell the crowd wants to get into it for any little success that occurs, but what for when you know we would simply give up the win.

I would say this to all of my Rams brethren; we do have a true coaching staff now. We have a coach that knows how to get ready for game day. We don't have a fresh off the white board coordinator, but a coach that has been doing this thing for a long time.

I see how the defense is being made up. I also see the league giving teams the chance to scour the landscape for talent by increasing the number of attendees to camp. Competition and the cream of the crop rising. In the end, when you get on the field, pedigree means nothing and effort means everything. Call me football starved, but this draft was exciting and confusing with a bit of "Art of War" tactics in play.

Now why I say it ain't over?

The same way they had a plan for the draft, they also have a plan for this free agency and there are going to be an enormous amount of talent out there. The Rams will move through and find another veteran receiver that can maybe take that number 1 role until our man Brian Quick is ready. Then again maybe Mr. Sherman believes he can get him ready to start day one? All I know is, I am ready for tailgating, cold brews, and Football Sunday, Monday night and holy schnikees: Thursday night!

I'm not saying break out the streamers, but I am saying it's not a sin to get excited.

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