RE:Prediction for our new WR corps.

(NOTE: After reading your comments, looking at what i wrote at 1am, and playing tons of madden, i have(finally) come to my senses and have changed the stats, to reflect realism. These stats are based that Smith and Givens will have a rotation at no.2, with Givens getting more receptions, and probably eventually winning the job outright.)

Last year, the Rams........ blah,blah, you already no what I was going to say, if you didn't, where have you been the last year? So, this year, how can the rams new pickups help?

Well, last year the rams had Llyod, who was good, not great, but good. However, compared to our WR corps at that time, he was a god. Well he has gone to McDanials side again, so the Rams were devoid at Wr again. We picked up Steve Smith(eagles), drafted Brian Quick and Chris Givens. We also got Danny Amendola back.

I'm going to break down each of our wide outs and give you predictions on roster spots, positions and final stats. New guys get a bonus video!

Brandon Gibson



Brandon Gibson is the off-season. He shows potential of big plays, but only against lesser players. He just can't catch the ball or get separation. Bad news for any wide receiver. I doubt he makes the team, maybe the practice squad, but I doubt that too. At one time I thought he could be good, not anymore.

Roster Spot: None

Austin Pettis



Austin pettis, Austin Pettis, Austin Pettis, I thought you would produce, show us your production at Boise. Instead you showed us you don't know what a fair catch is, and that you take PEDs and still can't preform. Well, it was his first year, so I dont think the FO will give up on him like that, he did get some yards and at times showed he could do something with the ball, making some good grabs.

Roster Spot: None. I no expert, so sorry, but supposedly Pettis is not eligible for a practice squad spot.

Greg Salas



Greg Salas was my favorite rookie last year. He showed some talent and potential after having a short off-season to learn a complex system and have changing QBs and having the role of replacing Danny pressed upon him. He had high expectations to fill, but didn't. He showed that he could catch when he concentrated, and get YAC, something Danny isn't the best at. I see him replacing Danny eventually, especially as Danny becomes more expensive, and that the Rams could have good trade offers for him.

Roster Spot: 4th string WR (second slot)

Predictions: 43 catches, 357 yards, 3 TD

Danny Amendola



Danny Amendola: Sams safety blanket, best Wide receiver and his best friend. What more do you need? Poor mans Wes Walker, he can make the catch, but don't expect much YAC. He will however become more exxpensive, and the Rams may get good trade offers for him. If Greg Salas improves, Danny may not be in ST.Louis anymore. Every baby needs to forget about their safety blanket sometime.....

Roster Spot: 3rd string(starter slot)

Predictions: 76 catches, 894 yards, 7 TD

Steve Smith



Steve Smith has had a career riddled with injuries, but when he is healthy, he can be very productive. He can catch the ball well and is like Danny, except with more YAC potential. At this moment he is probably a back up, in case of an injury, so dont expect to see him that much.

Roster Spot: Back up

Predictions: 31 Catches, 334 yards 2 TD

Here is a video of him vs the cowboys

Steve Smith vs Cowboys (2010) (via NYGiantsCentral)

Brian Quick



Brian Quick is probably my new favorite player. He comes from a small school, but has great measurables and production. He is big and fast, has great hands, and can get YAC. He is also fast in-and-out of his cuts. Kind of like a poor mans Blackmon, llyod and Dez Bryant and T.O, with none off the attitude. I think he becomes a great target for Sam Bradford.

Roster Spot: First String( Starter)

Predictions: 79 Catches(yes more then Danny), 907 yards and 9 TD

Him vs V-tech

Brian Quick vs Virginia Tech 2011 (via JMPasq)

Chris Givens



Chris Givens is blazing fast. I mean blazing fast. He can give the Rams a deep threat like what Donnie Avery was supposed to be, but one who catches better and can play short routes too. Also, Donnie Avery's production here would be easily be the best of any of the last years Rams, except maybe llyod.

Roster Spot: 2nd String( second wide-out)

Predictions: 38 catches, 570 yards, 6 TD

Chris Givens vs V-tech

Chris Givens vs Virgina Tech 2011 (via JMPasq)

Well thats our new wide receiver corps. At first glance this seems to be an average group, but one with infinite potential, I see this group becoming maybe in the top half of the league this year, but only if our coaching staff and the players do some hard work.

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