Coach Jeff Fisher Says '70 Percent' Of The St. Louis Rams' Playbook Has Been Installed

May 23, 2012; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar (58) and guard Harvey Dahl (62) scuffle as teammates attempt to break it up during an OTA at ContinuityX Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher sounded pleased with the work his team had done through a second week of OTAs. Those looking for a more quantitative peg on the work done so far will find some solace in Fisher's assertion that "70 percent" of the playbook, for both offense and defense, has now been installed.

"We'd like to have everything in by the time we leave, but from the standpoint offense and defense, we've probably got 70 percent on both sides," Fisher said.

"We got a lot done, a lot of different situations and scenarios, end of the game scenarios," the coach reported. "Backed up, we wanted to make sure that sometimes it gets loud. You need to be able to communicate and execute in the huddle, so we had a fairly good rookie class voice-wise. I could have got some more out of them, but we got a lot done the last two days. Things have gone well."

Fisher assigned the rookies the job of making noise rather than piping it in via loudspeaker. Hazing is out, but the tradition of new guys having do to shitty jobs continues, the way it should in any meritocracy.

The Rams head coach imparted a few additional details following Wednesday's session, including a tidbit those wondering about the tight ends will be happy to read.

"We've got them all shapes and sizes and Coach (Rob Boras) is doing a great job with them," Fisher said. "It's a very important position in our offense. You need flexibility and they need to be able to be interchanged, sometimes at the fullback position, sometimes you spread them open. It's an important position, like I said, so we're pleased so far."

Just how important is the tight end in Brian Scottenheimer's offense? Dustin Keller led the Jets in receptions over the last two seasons. He was second in receptions in 2009. You can debate as to how much of that has to do with the obvious limitations of Mark Sanchez, but that information along with Fisher's statement should be more than enough to tell you to expect plenty of work for the Rams' tight ends this season.

  • Michael Brockers sat out with some soreness.
  • Fisher praised the defensive line, starting with Kendall Langford: "We felt like he would project, which he has, into our defensive system as a three technique or a shade as opposed to just playing...he played a couple different positions. He's a big-bodied guy. He's real smart. He's got really good hands and feet. He's a different player now than he was when he got here. (Defensive Line) Coach (Mike) Waufle has done a great job with him."
  • Fisher sounded pleased with the defensive line so far, but noted that it was difficult to judge until the hitting begins.
  • Janoris Jenkins has clearly made an impression on the coach: "He's understanding, learning everything and made a lot of plays yesterday. He's talented."
  • After expressing some displeasure with the absence of Brian Quick and Chris Givens who were at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere event last week, Fisher said that both players were caught up and had spent extra time with the coaches.
  • Harvey Dahl and Jo-Lonn Dunbar got into a little scrum, which is probably a good sign about the intensity level at Rams Park.
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