It All Starts and Ends with Detroit



Maybe some of you are familiar with the work of David Heeb, from Bleacher Report, and others (including myself) are not. Regardless, he wrote this most recent article about the game-by-game predictions for 2012. I, for one, am optimistic, though skeptical. Others who think the 2012 squad can exceed 2010 results will be pleased to read what Heeb has to say. For a look at how the Rams make the playoffs (and the all important poll), click on the blue link below....

Week 1: Lions 27, Rams 17
Week 2: Rams 24, Redskins 10
Week 3: Bears 24, Rams 20
Week 4: Rams 21, Seahawks 18
Week 5: Rams 34, Cardinals 17
Week 6: Rams 27, Dolphins 20
Week 7: Packers 28, Rams 23
Week 8: Patriots 34, Rams 13
Week 9: Bye Week - (4 and 4, at the time)
Week 10: Niners 17, Rams 13
Week 11: Rams 27, Jets 13
Week 12: Rams 35, Cardinals 14
Week 13: Rams 24, Niners 17
Week 14: Rams 21, Bills 20
Week 15: Rams 31, Vikings 10
Week 16: Rams 31, Bucs 21
Week 17: Seahawks 24, Rams 17

….sooooooooo we finish the season at 10-6, and make a wild card berth. Those prognostications are better than I would expect, and at first glance at those scores, I’ll stick with my skepticism.

A few things to note:
* The Rams go 4-2 against the NFC West.....please note that we mop the floor with the Cardinals, not once, but twice. We split the series’ with the Whiners and Shehawks
* Pretty close game against the Pack......I think not
* We make international asses of ourselves, as the Patriots show how patriotic they are for the good ol US of A. It’s a hoax, I tell ya! Might as well have sent them as the 'Americans'...
* Even with Tim Tebow starting (by week 11, for certain), our extremely upgraded defense shuts down the 'chosen one'
* ….the Vikings are still really bad
* We end the season on a low note, losing at Seattle. I cannot stand them, so I’ll disagree with him on this one. This year, we embarrass them at home, and head into the playoffs with MOmentum!

Just a glance at some intriguing numbers....We scored 193 TOTAL points in 2011 (an abysmal average of 12 points per). He’s got us scoring 378 points, and averaging nearly 24 points a game! Look, I realize that both our offense and defense were coping with injuries, but is this realistic?!? If we can remain healthy on offense, coupled with our hands working, and our defense can limit the amount of the time the oppositions O sees the field, are we this much better? Share your thoughts...

But let’s get back to the meat and potatoes (I just wanted to say that, I’m not sure what the potatoes of this scenario truly is)....the PLAYOFFS! Take a look at how Heeb has the opening round playoff picture panning out...



Green Bay (13-3), BYE
New York Giants (12-4), BYE
San Francisco (11-5) vs. Atlanta (10-6)
Detroit (11-5) vs. St. Louis (10-6)

….can’t say that I see a whole lot that’s surprising about that lineup, outside of my favorite NFL team. Though we’ll be riding on high, defeating the Shehawks in week 17, and going to the playoffs for the first time since 2004, the title of this post (which was telling) is that we lose to the Lions 24 - 13 in the first round.

NOW, Heeby Jeeby (as I now call him) has us scoring 17 in the first game of the season, and only 13 in the WildCard game.....I gotta think we can do better than that, at that point in the season. Either way, this post is about him and his prognostications, not mine. I’d certainly be very pleased with these results, as again, I don’t see us being in double-digits for victories come seasons end. I know we’ve had polls about projected results, but the pertinent question is ‘Do you agree or disagree with Heeb?’ Has he done an accurate job of predicting the wins and losses of the Rams in this upcoming season? Whether it be the overall results, the offensive production, or the playoff berth...well...what do you think?

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