Rams Conference Call With Season Ticket Holders, 'We Will Improve'

April 27, 2012; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher introduces 2012 first round draft pick Michael Brockers to the media at ContinuityX Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE

Jeff Fisher and Les Snead had a conference call with some of the Rams' season ticket holders where they answered many questions that were on the minds of some of the team's most loyal fans.

Many issues were discussed on the call. How will the Rams protect Bradford, what is the injury situation of the team and what is the philosophy of the team moving forward were some of the main points brought up.

The main thing to take from this call is confidence. When Fisher said "We will improve" there is not one person listening that did not believe him. He believes in what the Rams are doing and that the return to winning will happen sooner than later.

Recap of the call after the jump.

"Run the ball. Stop the run."

The main philosophy may be simple, but Fisher and co. believe it is what will return the Rams back to the top of the NFC West. Fisher acknowledged that this is a pass first league, but the best way to win is still through running the ball well and stopping the run.

I for one take the other side in this approach, as I believe passing the ball and defending the pass is what wins championships, but one cannot deny that Fisher's approach has work and will work in the future. Look no further than the San Fransisco 49ers as a team that the Rams will try to play like.

It's a new season for the offensive line.

Many fans were concerned about the health of Jason Smith. Smith has had two very severe concussions, but Fisher is not worried about it. He says that Smith is 100% and he is improving.

Rodger Saffold is another player that has concerns surrounding him after he struggled mightily last season. Fisher say to largely ignore last season with Saffold because of all the injuries he was dealing with.

What gives the Rams the most confidence that the offensive line can rebound is offensive line coach Paul Boudreau. The Rams have full confidence that Boundreau can get the most out of every offensive linemen on the team and can help the Rams talented OTs find their groove again.

Two back system? Not quite.

There was a very good question asked about Steven Jackson and Isaiah Pead and how they will share the load. Snead and Fisher both said that there is no doubt that Steven is the feature back, but Pead will pay a role. How big that role will be has yet to be determined.

Rams are finally healthy.

The Rams are entering OTAs will no major injury trouble. Sam Bradford is back to full strength as well as his favorite target Danny Amendola. Bradley Fletcher and Jerome Murphy are both ahead of schedule and look like they will be at full strength at training camp. Danario Alexander is a bit banged up, but overall the team is back to full health which is a huge positive after the nightmare of last season.

Protecting Bradford is essential

The offense this year will be set up with one main goal in mind; protecting Sam Bradford. Last season the pass protection was unacceptable. Having a healthy Saffold will certainly help, as well as free agent pickup Scott Wells, but the Rams will also be utilizing more three step drops and play action passes in this offense than the horrible excuse for an offense ran by Josh McDaniels. Fisher also said having a good power run game will drastically improve the pass protection.

Overall Jeff Fisher and Les Snead instilled confidence in their season ticket holders on their conference call today. The Rams are clearly on the right track and have the best coaching staff and front office since the Greatest Show on Turf days. Fisher promised to all Rams fan everywhere that this is a new team that will "be aggressive, be tough and will fight to the end."

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