St. Louis Rams: Draft Grades - 3 Weeks Later Edition



***Editor's note: While I like the Rams 2012 draft class, I think 'Noles raised a few interesting points worthy of notice. Have a read, and you can have at him in the comments! - DouglasM***

Hey there, Rams fans. This is the guest post I've been meaning to do but only just got the time do it now, thanks to being busy at work and finishing up finals. Sorry about that. Once again, Douglas M was gracious enough to allow me a guest post. Thanks for that! Recap and grades after the jump. JUMP!

14. Michael Brockers DT LSU - A very questionable reach pick here when DL is already a strength and Bradford needs protection otherwise he's turning into a stronger armed and with better PR staff David Carr. A very Fisher-esque pick for this one. I'd have taken DeCastro or one of the OTs. From what I've seen of the Rams, they've been on a seemingly never ending search for decent OL help and yet they don't fill that need. I can see why they traded down after the punter loving Jags traded up for Blackmon. Pick Grade: C

33. Brian Quick WR Appalachian State - Yet another questionable pick as Quick wasn't even 2nd round worthy. There were much better prospects i.e Cal's Marvin Jones, GT's Stephen Hill or even Rutgers' Mohammed Sanu. The Rams will likely rue this decision to take Quick over them. I do see the need to get Bradford better weapons. Pick grade: B for the idea, but C for the execution of said idea

39. Janoris Jenkins CB UNA/UF - A Fisher style gamble on Jenkins here. He would make a solid CB duo with Finnegan if he keeps his nose clean and gets to work. If he works out, it's a steal for you guys, if not, well, it's only one of three second round picks. CB was clearly a need after seeing 10+ of them end up on IR. The Rams got one of the best of this year's class. Pick Grade: A

50. Isaiah Pead RB Cincinnatti - Interesting pick with Lamar Miller and LaMichael James still on the board. It's true that Pead had an outstanding Senior Bowl but with both of those guys on the board? No thanks. Pead played marginally weak competition in the Big East as well. I'd have much preferred Miller as he is a bit bigger and better suited to handle Fisher's run heavy offense after Steven Jackson inevitably wears down from getting 400 carries in the 1st 4 games. Pick grade: C

65. Trumaine Johnson CB/S Montana - A great value pick in the 3rd round and it fits a need. I had Johnson going late 2nd to mid 3rd. This pick reeks of nepotism though as Fisher's kid played at Montana. Pick grade: A

96. Chris Givens WR Wake Forest - Here's one guy I got sick of seeing FSU try to defend. A great pick this late into the process. He could eventually take over Amendola's constantly hurt self sooner rather than later in the slot. Yet another toy for Bradford. Pick grade: A

150. Rokevious Watkins G South Carolina - Another reach pick for Fisher and co. I fully expected him to go a round or two later. Also, why did the Rams wait so long to help Bradford's protection? If I was Bradford, I'd hope that I'd made a few good investments elsewhere because he won't last for another 2 years at this rate. Pick Grade: D

171. Greg Zuerlein K Missouri Western - Well, at least the Rams waited for a ST player until this late unlike the Jags. Another classic Fisher small school pick. Pick grade: B

209. Aaron Brown LB Hawaii - Yeah it's the 7th round and hey, it fits a need of some importance. Maybe Brown is worth the 7th round looksee. Pick Grade: B

252. Daryl Richardson RB Abilene Christian - Who? a semi bad pick when Chris Polk was still somehow available in the 7th but Fisher sure does love the small school picks. Meh, it's the 7th round and he's depth filler. Pick grade: C

Overview - Fisher's first draft class with the Rams was filled with a lot of boom or bust prospects. I like the gamble on Jenkins though. And who knows, Pead, Quick, and Givens might pan out and help Bradford shed his Captain Checkdown label. I'd have preferred a blocker for him earlier though. The skill positions won't be any good unless the Rams work miracles on the OL. Overall draft grade: C

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