Brian Quick Turning Heads At St. Louis Rams Rookie Minicamp

May 11, 2012; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams wide receiver Brian Quick (83) makes a catch during mini camp at ContinuityX Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE

The St. Louis Rams rookie minicamp draws a little more interest thanks to the presence of an icon like Jeff Fisher running the show. He's like Jackie Treehorn; he draws a lot of water in this league. The NFL Network sent Ian Rapoport to town on Friday to take in the scene. What he saw will be encouraging for fans anxious to see the Rams headed in the right direction.

Wide receiver Brian Quick is really turning some heads ... with one day of work. Limited sample size aside, his skills are showing up on the practice field, er, orientation field.

Here's Rapoport:

First of all, QB Sam Bradford is tall, and Quick is tall. That is a high-wire connection in the making. Anyway, Quick moves like a small guy, and he really can catch it. I didn't see him drop one all day. He gets in an out of his breaks well, he's nimble and he looks like a good athlete. Very solid.

I don't remember who said it yesterday, but someone made the observation that Quick is unlike any receiver the Rams have had in a long, long time. The Rams haven't had a receiver taller than 6'3" catch more than 33 passes and score more than three touchdowns since the 1960s.

Snead talked about the value of explosive players in one of his early press conferences with the Rams, explosiveness over pure speed. That fits Quick. If he proves able to get in and out of his breaks, well, quickly against competition, that should give the Rams a real weapon.

Cornerback Janoris Jenkins made a strong impression on the visiting reporter as well, looking heads and shoulders above the competition on the field with him. He also said the right things.

Talking points are talking points. I don't put much more stock in what players say to the media on the field or in the locker room than I would anything I hear a pundit say on cable news. However, if Jenkins as focused as he comes across in his interviews, then this pick might be one of the greatest draft steals of all.

We can plenty more about the rookie class, and we will, on Turf Show Radio this afternoon at 5:00 p.m. Central (6:00 p.m. Eastern).

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