My Madden Mock 2012: A gamers take on drafting

So it's official, i am now suffering from mockdraftmania. Symptons included: hours of constant mock draft analysis, irrational need to mock new drafts at all hours of the day, complete re-evaluation of what used to be obvious drafting decisions, etc, etc. On the positive side, this disorder can help you break out of the usual social drafting norms, and lead to well thought - out of the ordinary drafting scenarios.



In this case for example i thought i might take the Madden approach to mock drafting. For those younger Rams fans and Madden football fanatics out there, this post is for you. The Madden football franchise has come to dominate all other forms of football video games. Who remembers playing Madden 92' on the old Sega Genisis and haveing the ambulance come on the field when your players got injured lol(this video brought back some fun memories...dig that old school game music!!!)

John Madden Football '92 Ambulance Montage (via chrisxr3i)

Anyways for those of you that have grown up playing the game til this day, we know there is a complete different approach in the way we look at teams and players. Video game enthusiast's(nerds) such as myself have learned how to look at players in a different light when it comes to building our franchise teams. Every madden gamer has been virtually groomed to be there own kind of NFL coach, GM, scout, and signal caller combined. All us gamers have different and unique ways in which we choose to build our team that will compliment the way we play the game. In fact some of us cant help but to crossover this mentality to the real world when it comes suggesting what players we wish our respected teams would draft/sign in the off-season. I know i can be guilty of doing this on many occasions. So for fun ill be drafting based on my personal needs of how i play the game, with a little insight given on each player and there relevance to my offensive and defensive schemes.

Madden team: St Louis Rams

Offensive Playbook/scheme: West Coast Offense(Bill Walsh style)

favorite formations: I-Form(all types), 5 wide(1 TE)

favorite player(user controlled): Sam Bradford QB

Defensive Playbook/scheme: 46 bear(mainly for the formation, rather than the Buddy Ryan style blitzing)

favorite plays: Variations of Cover 3, Cover 2, and Cover-man

favorite player(user controlled): Robert Quinn RDE

Before i start the draft if I will pickup Jeremy Zuttah OG, and Marcus McNeil OT for 1 year rentals in FA.


1.(6th) Dontari Poe DT Memphis

The obvious choice for my defense, if you noticed i didn't list any blitzes as favorite plays. My defense runs on having a strong versatile front four. Poe wont even be rated high as a rookie(probably 77ovrerall or lower), but i can guarantee he will be one of the most sought out players in any franchise format. His size speed and versatility will overcome his low awareness and low pass rushing ratings, thus allowing him to grow into another Haloti Ngata type DT in a few seasons. The combination of Poe, Langford, and Long will allowing Quinn(me) to run freely along the DLine given me the choice of blitzing through the gaps, or dropping back for help coverage. Langford can be upgraded in FA or next offseason.(other options here could be Brockers, Cox, or Stills)

2.(33rd) Janoris Jenkins CB North Alabama

Thank god this is Madden, and not The Sims right? No need to worry about changing diapers, child support, and whatnot, strictly business is all us gamers see. Anyways, Jenkins will be the best rated cover corner in this draft class, adding that the CB position is possibly my most valued defensive position in Madden. Of course only speaking for myself, i find it to be the most difficult "user controlled" position from start to finish of a play. One lapse in movement/direction can end up in your CB getting burned on a fly route. If i had a perfect Defense the CB depth would be the highest ranked of all other positions. Better to let the CPU do the hard work to set yourself in the right position should you need to take control at the last second. (other options: Stephon Gilmore, and maybe Denard Robinson)

2.(39th) Ronelle Lewis OLB Oklahoma

We been in desperate need of help at the OLB position for years. And its been the Achilles heal of my defensive schemes for just as long. Forcing me the change into nickle and dime coverage's for tween-er TE's and multiple receiver sets, which i hate to do(can leave you vulnerable to someone who runs the no huddle well). But that changes this year with Lewis having exceptional size and speed. But even more favorable is that this pick makes the "HIT STICK" relevant once again to my defense(benched 36 times and is known as a big hitter). (other options: Lavonte David, Bobby Wagner)

3.(65th) Mychal Kendricks OLB/ILB

For most of the same reasons mentioned above Mychal Kendricks is a physical freak at OLB very fast(4.41 forty), and very strong (Notice the trend toward workout warriors). Jo-Lan Dunbar will be a decent starter in real life, but one thing serious Madden fanatics know is, you can never have too many quality OLB's. A secret among the madden community, is that the OLB position is the most versatile position in the game. All OLB's can be edited to the DE postion(or simply on the depth chart) and make major jumps in ratings anywhere form a couple to 10-12 points. This doesn't work the other way around(DE to OLB).The most common example's are player like Terrell Suggs and Brian Orakpo(which makes sense considering they used to play DE) that can jump up from 88 to 99 in rating. However the same thing can be done with all OLB, not all jump that high in ratings, but no OLB will ever lose ratings or play detrimental to that position in a game. (other options: Sean Spence, Bruce Irvin, and Shea McClellin)

4.(96th) George Iloka FS Bosie St

Standing as a 6'4'' safety, Iloka will draw the attention from many gamers in the madden community(probably start off as 68-72overall) . A little size in your secondary can go a long way. The biggest most obvious trend in Madden is the hunt for the huge fast receiver(most notable crossover correlation to the real world mentality), and consequently this cause's a need for a taller secondary. Taller safeties and corners can help neutralize those Calvin Johnson wannabee receivers that teams start to use nowadays, just get in close and press the "tip ball" button. If you go for the interception with a low rated safety/corner you will be watching the opponent dance into the end zone seconds later. (other options: Trumaine Johnson, Antonio Allen)

6.(171th) Tommy Streeter WR Miami

Now this is where a real mock would get major critisim, by waiting so long to draft a receiver. But what i haven't told you til now is that my offense has made a living by playing with shitty(second and third tier) receivers(70-80 overall rating). Namely by using the 5 wide system. Playing with the Rams over the last few years you begin to find ways of succeeding with low tier receivers, to the point of owning a true #1 receiver is nothing more than a luxury. The 5 wide west coast offensive system i run is my most dangerous and effective scheme, it doesn't require freakishly talented receivers , instead i look for high "route running" and "catch in traffic" ratings for role-player type receivers. But even contrary to this belief i still draft Tommy Streeter standing at 6'5'' and running a 4.38 forty, because my madden mentality wont let me pass on a tall fast receiver that can take the top off a defense. (other options: Jeff Fuller and Dale Moss)

7.(201st) Devon Wylie WR Fresno St

If Wes Welker was young and had blazing speed he might look like Devon Wylie. Not nearly as polished of a route runner as Welker, Wylie is incredibly shifty and has a great PR/KR skill set. He can do wonders in your return game, and can be groomed into a nice screen option WR within a season, as he has the ability to turn short passes into long gains. (other options: Eric Page, B.J Cunningham)

7.(252nd) Jermaine Kearse WR Washington

This guy might be the best route running WR in this years draft class, and is not afraid to go across the middle and come up with a big grab. A real talent that i value a lot in my offense. Has somewhat inconsistent hands, but that can be improved with in a few seasons. Some scouts actually say he was a the big reason behind Jake Lockers success in college, as he has very innate ability to get open after plays start to breakdown, due to a great understanding(chemistry) of how his QB plays.(other options: James Rodgers,and DeVeir Posey)

So there you have it my Madden Mock Draft. Much different from any type of realistic approach i would normally take or have taken in the past, but it was definitely fun to write. I would encourage other gamers to try this approach, you might be surprised to see what you come up with. I hope you enjoyed this, thanks for reading. And for you gamers out there..... ill see you online. L8er N00bs lol

(sorry about grammar and punctuation issue's and run on sentences throughout this post, i don't claim to be a writer by any means)


MADDEN EVOLUTION HISTORY - 1989 - 2012 (via alvarofxsound)

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