2012 Offseason

The offseason couldn't have turned out any better IMO so far aside from a few WR we missed out on in Free Agency. I'm going to try out a mock out since I haven't done one in a while. WARNING: It might not be so original..

First off It's going to Matt Kalil going to the Vikings (or any other team that could trade up for him) at number three.

Next I'm going to say that the Browns are going to take a chance on Tannehill based on his proday and their desperate need at QB. Plus we all know how wild it can get once QBs start flying off the board, just look at what taking Jake Locker at 8 did last year.

Next up the Bucs are taking Claiborne. They have a bigger need at CB than RB since Ronde is going to be 37 and Talib has his legal trouble to deal with. IMO Blount is more stable than their CBs.

Round 1

Trent Richardson, RB- Crimson Tide. Here we get the player that fills a need and go the BPA route, win win right? Jackson isn't getting any younger and teaming him up with T Rich. wouldn't be a bad thing at all, both would be refreshed each play/drive they go in. And we have heard how Shotty likes the two running back system so you can bet he will be asking Fisher for a favor here. That won't be a problem since Fisher is pro-run.

Round 2

Mohammed Sanu, WR- Rutgers. Well we need a receiver and since we passed on Blackmon in the first this would be great. He has good size, good speed, and good hands, plus he can run the wildcat which Shotty likes. QB coach Frank Cignetti will help making this decision also.

Round 2 #6

Lavonte David, OLB- Nebraska. David was a tackling machine for Nebraska and would bring a lot of much needed help to JL55. Not the biggest guy at 6'1 230lbs but will be a starter from day one due to our lack of OLBs.

Round 3

Brandon Brooks, OG- Miami (OH). Great week at the East-West Shrine game but did't get a combine invite. Athletic for his size with good strength.

Round 4

Derek Wolfe, DT- Cincinnati. Need a tackle beside Kendall Langford. Wolfe can get to the QB easily and could still add some weight.

Round 6

Tauren Poole, RB- Tennessee. If we don't keep Caddy then we need another backup.

Round 7

Steven Johnson, OLB- Kansas. Need another OLB for depth and competition. Had 116 tackles as a senior.

Round 7

Bryan Anger, P- California. Need a punter.

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