WR... A theory... Cut them all

I know its drastic right. but honestly the moves I see the front office making, it smells of massive overhaul at the WR position. To the point where I can see the only WR from the previous regime surviving the cut being Danny Amendola. We have signed Steve Smith, bringing in Jericho Cotchery and Jerome Simpson, and I expect us to sign one of these 2 guys. Now say we choose Cotchery, We would have brought in 2 receivers with arguably the exact same skill set as Gibson. Safe to say Gibson is gone. Pettis, serving a 2 game suspension is not going to help anyone, better have a massive preseason and training camp. Salas, decent possession receiver, doesn't really do anything different then Amendola. Maybe a small advantage when it comes to YAC, but I think Danny is more then capable as our slot guy. DX has peanut brittle holding his knee together. Drops a ton of passes, and can't be an every down wide receiver because of his knee. These guys can't get separation, they are slow, they drop balls, they can't stay healthy. Start Over.

So let me tell you my theory for how we are going to fix the WR core. I predict they will keep 6 WR, so this is the plan.

Cuts-Gibson, Pettis, Salas, Alexander, and whatever other scrub who happens to call themselves a Ram WR. I think you can keep them around for camp but ultimately, they have to win a spot. Shockingly enough the one who I can see being the most impressive is Pettis.

So that would mean we have Amendola and Smith under contract. Next we sign one of the two receivers we brought in for a visit. Simpson or Cotchery, I prefer Simpson but I think with the suspension and everything the edge goes to Cotchery. He knows the offense and has worked with Shotty, the Jets loved him in the locker room and being a Jet season ticket holder he was always there for a big play when they needed them.

So now we are up to Amendola, Smith, Cotchery.

Next move I think we add a veteran WR who is used to manning the bottom end of a depth chart, but can give you a solid catch here or there when need be. Lets go with Jerhme Urdban. This move I believe will happen after the draft maybe after OTA, before training camp.

So now we have Amendola, Smtih, Cotchery, Urban.

Let's move to the draft.

Take Justin Blackmon at 6. I am basing this off of the fact that he will fall to us. Trich to the browns, MoClab to the Bucs and we get Blackmon, simple as that. I Don't want to start a debate in the thread about why we should or we shouldn't. He is the best WR in this draft, and whoever quotes Gil Brandt has no clue what they are talking about. Thats a guy that has Trent Richardson ranked 14 on his BIg Board. He is a beast and we should be happy to have him. We can get guards later on in the draft, so lets not reach for DeCastro. Did you know of the 6 pro bowl guards for the 2011 season only 1 was taken in the first round, at pick 32. The other five, 2nd round, 4th, 6th and 2 Undrafted. Blackmon will be the perfect WR for the Rams System, he has great YAC ability and is absolutely a complete WR.

So now we have: Blackmon, Cotchery, Smith, Amendola, Urban.

Again in the Draft. We will choose a Speedster WR. someone like Brian Quick, T.Y Hilton, A.J Jenkins, Tommy Streeter.

Undrafted players will also be Sprinkled in.

I think we need to revamp the WR core, start over. With an eye to the future, Replacing Cotchery with one of our First rounders in the next 2 years. Discuss

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