Why the Rams will not be trading the #6 pick in the draft

My most frequently uttered mantra when it comes to what to do with high draft picks, is to trade down. I always want to see us multiply our picks, as long as we have so many needs. This year is no different, however, I'm beginning to think we should just stay where we are. This has nothing to do with needs, as much as it does value.

We all have a pretty good idea of what we need. In no particular order, it's WR,OLB,O-line whether it be OG or LT, DT bu RB, bu QB and secondary depth. The primary needs I think are a #1WR, at least 1 OLB, O-line and DT. It would be nice if one of those needs could be met at #6 with either Blackmon, Kalil, or even DeCastro. I know, I know DeCastro plays a position that is banned from the top 10 picks by federal law, but for the sake of this argument let's call him a sure thing. This draft has very few sure things, and other than at QB, no position has more than 1 player that can be considered a sure thing. Again this is purely my opinion so don't shoot me too hard here.

My sure fire players of future prominence: Meaning these guys will immediately improve their respective units from day 1.

Luck and RGIII

Kalil and DeCastro




These guy are the best at their positions and they're the universally accepted highest rated players available. We can have one of these guys and I think they're all future pro bowlers, without a doubt. All other names give me pause to be able to say that. The next best at each of these positions:

QB: please

O-line: Reiff, Martin, Glenn, Zeitler, and Konz

WR: Floyd, Wright

CB: Kirkpatrick, Gilmore

RB: Miller, Martin, Wilson

Now I know we could still pick a great DT or OLB if we traded out of #6 but we can also get those guys with our #33 and/or #39 or even #66. They may not be the best at their positions, but they could be had without reaching. If we traded even from #6 to #8, we could trade right out of the elite level. We helped ourselves immensely by multiplying picks already. I think if we trade out of the elite level of available talent we'd be passing up an opportunity to get elite talent. I don't want to trade up, I almost never will. But I don't want to trade down anymore unless on draft day the impossible happens and some offers us another boatload of high picks to move down a little more. So I say no more trade downs, at least not with this pick

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