The Blackmon vs. Floyd Argument

I guess the discussion between Rams fans about whether we should take Justin Blackmon or Michael Floyd has become pretty heated. I did a little research and this is what I came up with after the jump.

Michael Floyd 6-2 5/8 tall 224 lbs 4.44 40-time 32.78 armlength 9.38 handspan 78 inch wingspan 36.5 vertical jump

2011 Stats: 100 catches 1147 yards 11.4 yards per catch 9 touchdowns

13 games played for Notre Dame / 5 losses

Worst game: 4 catches 27 yards 0 touchdowns (win at Pitt)

Best game: 12 catches 154 yards 2 touchdowns (loss to South Florida)

Sidenote: Broke collarbone in 2009


Justin Blackmon 6-1 1/4 tall 215 lbs 4.56 40-time 32.5 inch armlength 9.25 handspan 78.5 inch wingspan 35 vertical jump

2011 Stats: 121 catches 1522 yards 12.6 yards per catch 18 touchdowns

13 games played for Oklahoma State / 1 loss

Worst game: 8 catches 54 yards 1 TD (win at Missouri)

Best game 13 catches 205 yards 2 Tds (win at Kansas State) or 8 catches 186 yards 3 Tds at Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl

Sidenote: Renounced final year of eligibility, one year younger than Floyd.

On paper, Floyd appears to have the edge in all the measureables and looks the part but the stats lean heavily towards Justin Blackmon. Oklahoma State with Brandon Weeden threw for over 4700 yards and averaged about 30 rushes per game by their running backs. Notre Dame's quarterback Tommy Reese threw for a little under 2800 yards and also ran the ball about 30 times a game. So the OK State Cowboy vertical attack favors Blackmon and his inflated stats.

Here are a couple of video links. Justin Blackmon playing against Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl and Michael Floyd playing against Stanford in the regular season.

You be the judge. Blackmon saved the best for last in the national spotlight to help Oklahoma State beat consensus #1 pick Andrew Luck and his Stanford Cardinal. The dropped endzone pass 1:12 into the video raises concerns but for the most part he seems to show elusiveness where he squeezes between tacklers for additional yards at least three times during the video.

Floyd against the same team just doesn't look as dynamic and seems rather tight-hipped. the catch he makes 2:34 into the video is nice but other than that, he seems somewhat pedestrian in the video. Once again, his quarterback play doesn't help his case either.

I dont know about you but I am going to have to lean towards Justin Blackmon with my money.

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