The WR Situation

I don't post very often, but I would like to get your opinions on the WR Situation. Grammer police please don't hate, I am an engineer not a writer.

First off I will say I am pleasantly surprised with the new direction of our Rams. 4 pillars just got burned to the ground and I for one LOVE IT. I wonder if those pictures at Rams park are still around? Would it be a good idea for Fisher to put them back up?

Quick - We got a big target for Sam who has the potential to become something special. My expectations are limited for him this year, but I feel that he will have the biggest impact in the red zone early on. I mean dude can jump and the rams might actually score on a few fade routes.

Amendola - Glad that you will be back. Don't worry about the return game my friend, we found some help in the draft. Sam needs you on short routes in the slot.

Givens - Can possibly become a legitimate deep threat once he gets some experience. Please do not follow the path of Mardy Gilyard and Donnie Avery. Your speed is much needed my friend!

Smith - He is a bit of a risk, but I like the fact that he is on the team. I for one do not expect much out of him, but the upside is there. I think he makes the cut.

Salas - Our Danny Amendola in training. I would like to see him play well this year. Hate to say this, but if he tears it up this year we may be able to trade Amendola for a draft pick or two.

Pettis - He wasn't that good while on PED's so who knows how good he is without them. I don't agree with giving up on players only after a year. Wish he was never drafted in the first place though. You my friend get three Spags claps for taking PED's. If you fail this year, take the train.

DX - One of the most discussed guy in our WR core. I for one would rather see him get cut than Pettis. I think it has to be down to those two for the last roster spot if we keep six.

Curry - Stays as special teamer?

Gibson - No discussion you my friend are gone and don't even make the poll. You will make some other teams practice squad awesome. You deserve 4 Spags claps as you leave Rams Park.

My expectations are somewhat tempered as the last few years I have post draft excitement. Thinking all of our 2nd-4th round receivers were going to dominate. They have all failed, but Fisher seems to have his stuff together. My main concern is the amount of experience with our WR core. There is no veteran presence, but I feel that game time is the best way to learn. Getting thrown into the fire can be a good thing sometimes. As long as we see consistent progress over 16 games I will be happy. This staff has a great opportunity to develop talent, something our past regimes have failed to do over and over.

Everyone likes to vote on a Poll right? Clicking those little bubbles give me much pleasure throughout the day. So Rams nation, I ask you who you think will be cut from our WR core if we keep six receivers.

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