I hate draft experts so here is my take on the Rams draft

No one will question that the Rams have major holes across the board. This is not a one year fix. So just like every other year I will put my trust in the coaches and the GM and believe they know what they are doing. We have no other choice. The difference this year is, we are putting our trust in coaches who have experience of being successful. We didn’t go with the new hot offensive coordinator or defensive guru. We went with Fisher who in my opinion was the best offseason move we made this year.

What has Fisher and Snead done for this organization? We went from having the 2nd and 33rd pick in the draft (thanks Spags) to having the 14th,33rd,39th and 50th pick just this year. So I really don’t care what these draft experts are saying. I look at the offseason moves and the draft and see that our defensive unit has dramatically improved. Since I finance equipment for a living I’m not going to question the players that Fisher drafted. There is a reason Fisher is doing what he is doing and what the draft experts do what they do.

Since these draft experts(????) are able to give their opinions I will go ahead and give mine.

Who is to say what are biggest need is with so many of them. At one point or another we were expected to go with Kalil, Blackmon, Claiborne, Richardson and even Cox. So that is a OL, WR, CB, RB, and a DT. I will now assume that we needed a lot of players and guess what……we got a DT, CB and a RB. The rams went from filling 1 need to filling 3 needs.

Pick #1. Michael Brockers – DT – LSU

From my understanding this is the player that Fisher wanted if they didn’t get Blackmon and if there wasn’t a trade they would have picked him at #6. He was once considered the best DT in the draft. The only reason he dropped was because of a bad combine. This guy is huge, physical and very young. Is considered the best run stopper in the draft and we desperately need help there. We had the 31st ranked rushing D and only Langford in the starting rotation. So DT was a big need and the Rams got what they thought was the best one. Grade – A

Pick #2 – Brian Quick – WR – Appalachian State

I’m reading that the Rams really needed a receiver and I agree. I am also read that they should have gone with someone more pro-ready. I would disagree with Stephen Hill being more pro-ready than Quick. I never heard of him until he ran a 4.36 at the combine so that has to tell you something. They next WR off the board was Alshon Jeffery who has major work ethic issues but was good the year before last. Ryan Broyles was picked next and was injured last year and I won’t hold that against him because I think he is a good player. He could be a year away and we need someone now. Then there was Rueben Randle who a lot of people loved and I don’t know why. He was on a bad passing team and he did put up some decent numbers. When I look at his highlight reel I don’t see anything spectacular. Quick has as much upside as any WR in this draft. Yes he did play at a DII school but he dominated there. The only negative thing I see is that he came from a DII school. Shit, Dontari Poe went to Memphis and didn’t dominate and he went #11. Grade - B+

Pick #3 – Janoris Jenkins – CB – North Alabama

When I watch a football game I can really care less what any of these players do off the field. Is he a risk off the field……yes, but he’s a starter day one. He may be more pro-ready than any other player in the draft. I see it this way, we could have kept the 6th pick and taken Claiborne and a lot of people would have been happy. Instead we trade down and pick Brockers at #14 and still get possibly the best CB in the draft. Grade –A+

Pick #4 – Isaiah Pead –RB – Cincinnati

To be honest I really don’t know much about this guy. Walterfootball called him a reach with Lamar Miller and LaMichael James available. I really don’t understand that. Miller has health issues and was picked in the 4th round. James doesn’t catch the football well and doesn’t block. Pead is just as explosive and catches the ball well. I looked as some of his film and when this guy is in the open, you can call it a good night because no one is catching him. I will assume Fisher knows what he is doing and picked the best back that fits the team needs. How long has it been since we had a guy who can take one to the house or at least had the potential to. Will he be that guy???? I don’t know but at least he has the potential. Almost all experts said this guy wouldn't have last past round 2 and we took him with our last pick in that round. Grade –B+

Pick #5 – Trumaine Johnson – CB/S – Montana

He has the potential to go round 1. I read many times that he could go to the Rams in round 2. We get him in round 3 and he will soon be our new SS. This may be the steal of the draft. On size-talent alone I will give this a high grade. Grade – A+

Pick #6 – Chris Givens – WR – Wake Forest

Once again I don’t know much about this pick but I hear he’s fast and should of gone early in the 3 round. He fills a position of need and it seems like we got great value with the 96th pick. Grade – A

In my unprofessional opinion I honestly think to be successful the Rams need to hit on their first 4 rounds. After that, it’s looking for diamonds in the rough. For that reason I will not grade the remaining picks. I will say that I have heard nothing but great things for kicker, Greg Zueriein. I read that he was the best place kicker in the draft and has one major leg.

The best way to judge a draft is by the reaction of the fans. The fans are the ones who work all day and then go home and do research on players for the sole reason of loving their team. I went around and looked at what the fans are saying. There will always be fans who hate and it wouldn't have metter who we picked but for the most part I see that people are happy with what Fisher and Snead have done. I see people excited about what’s going on and to me that’s what is most important. I’m excited and happy with the players so I will give the draft an overall grade of an A+. Shit we still have two more first round picks from the Skins

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