New Attitude for the Rams: "We're not going to punt!"

In an Associated Press article written on Yahoo Sports, Coach Fisher was asked about his new kicker, Zuerlein, and the idea of using an undrafted rookie free agent punter; Fisher said:

''I have no problem whatsoever,'' Fisher said about using rookie kickers. Then in a deadpan voice, Fisher said, ''You know what, we're not going to punt this year. No, I'm not worried about it.''

So, let me get this straight coach... your team is going to be so good this year that you're not going to punt, so why worry about having an inexperienced kid handling the punting duties, is that what you're saying? "Yup!"

Such audacity! So much moxie... I love it! How could everything change so quickly for the Rams?

I watched the draft with tremendous anticipation. I couldn't wait for each pick to be announced. I was a bit bummed when Jacksonville jumped up to take Blackmon, but I really didn't think he was that much greater than the other wide receivers in the draft. I had been a proponent of trading down from day one... there just wasn't any player by himself that was going to be better than a later first rounder AND an additional second rounder - no one! When the Rams traded with Dallas, I was elated.

When they selected Brockers I was very pleased - not 100% thrilled, but pleased. I don't think the Rams would have selected Floyd and they say that Brockers was higher on their board than Fletcher Cox. So I'm trusting the FO.

When the second round came around, I was okay with Quick (I trust the FO)... I was very happy about Jenkins... and then they selected Pead. I was not happy! "Where's my linebacker?" I thought. But when I calmed down I said, "They know what they're doing, I trust the FO.

Then the 3rd round began and they took another CB. At that point I was really bummed. Where's my LB? We already have Finnegan, Jenkins, Fletcher, and more, what are they doing? Then they said that Trumane Johnson was BIG, so I said, "They're going to play him at safety - I'm okay with that." Then Fisher said, "No, he's going to play corner."

I began thinking: "Alright fellas, you're walking a thin line with me. You need to start picking who I think you should take..." But once again, I calmed myself down and decided to trust the FO.

In the fourth round, they selected Givens - another WR? I was actually very happy with that pick because my last mock draft had the Rams selecting Quick and Givens as their two receivers. Quick was the big guy and Givens was said to be the same size as Isaac Bruce and a great route runner like Bruce. So, it's like good karma or something. I'm trusting the FO.

Finally in the fifth round they selected Watkins and I had no real comment - he looked like a big tough dude and Fisher supposedly gets the most out of mid to late round linemen. I'm okay with that selection, apparently we now have our left guard. I'm trusting the FO.

Then a kicker... WHAT? Oh wait, he looks like a monster! I'm trusting the FO. Then, FINALLY a LB. I don't know this guy. I'm going to have to keep trusting the FO. Then another RB? That's weird. A boat-load of UDFAs later and the Rams have a big old pile of promise. I'm trusting the Front Office.

When I read that Fisher said "We're not going to punt." I knew that he had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. Of course he wasn't serious. He's a smart man. They're going to have to punt - maybe even in the first quarter of game 1, but the message he sent was loud and very, very clear: There's a new attitude at Rams Park. Fisher expects to win. Fisher believes that the players he and Les Snead have collected are going to help turn the Rams into winners. Maybe not Super Bowl champs this year, but unlike many "experts" and nayshe's going to be surprised if his team loses a game to anyone. Chances are they will lose a few games, but they expect to win.

As for me? I'm trusting the Front Office.

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