The Day After

Happy Day After, TSTers!

I am AmpLee, the resident flake who likes to pop in right around this time for the last 4 or 5 years and make bold predictions on why THIS draft will be the one that cures all that ails a hurting Rams Nation. Although I go to this site 3 or 4 times a day, I hide in the bushes and praise (and judge), quietly waiting.....

Before I asses this draft, I want to give huge shouts out to Ryan Van Bibber who was once known to the dinosaurs on this site only as RVB. Dude, you have been killing it on this site. You got a great staff and a damn firm community. Looking at these hits makes me shed a little tear of joy. All yous babies is all grows up!

Now put your balls in the upright position because you are going to get your ass's blown out by some keen analysis. Or maybe not. So here goes......

Whether they made the right picks or not, the new regime provided us with one of the most entertaining drafts since being in St. Louis. Whether they made the right picks or not, the new regime gave us the feeling that they were going to rebuild this entire team with damn near one draft. Whether they made the right picks or not, the new regime rebuilt entire units of our home team with a flurry of moves we have not really seen here before.

For that alone, I was elated about this draft. Remember, this team has been fucking horrible going on 8 years or so now from top to bottom in just about every facet of the organization. It was like that shitty house or restaurant in your neighborhood that poor suckers kept trying to rehab and remodel over and over only to break the people involved when down deep you knew someone had to just have the guts to take a goddamn wrecking ball to it and start from scratch.

I feel like Jeff Fischer and Les Snead are that super expensive construction company that lesser owners are scared of because they cant fund the project, envision the endgame, and/or deal with the initial, traumatic devastation.

Well we wanted a change and, boy, did we get it. This team has been leveled and I can't sit here and say that I am not extremely excited. Fischer has the staff and the track record and I, for one, can't wait to see what the hell they do with it.

Now barring uncontrollable injuries, I just can't see how this draft wasn't a huge success in terms of need in skilled areas. AmpLee! Go F yourself! Where's the LB and OL help? I said skilled, dude. It's not going to matter if Sam is on his ass! True, but are we that stupid to realize that we have until June orJuly for a very serviceable G/T and a LB or 2 to shake loose from a team? We just freakin' turned ONE DUDE into 3! skilled and 1 guard THIS year and god knows how many in the next few years and you still want to bitch!!!?

You CANNOT convince me that one (OL) Matt Khalil or one (WR) Justin Blackmon is better than (DT) Brockers, (DB) Jenkins, (RB2) Pead, and (G) Watkins plus 2 more FIRST ROUNDERS in the next 2 drafts? We should be doing nothing less than throwing parades right now just in the strategy of obtaining picks alone.

You wanted a faster/bigger/stronger receiving corps? We got one.

You wanted a better a skat back for SJ39? We got one.

You wanted a secondary that could actually cover people? We got one.

You wanted a younger and more athletic D Line that might tackle somebody? We got one.

You wanted a kicker that might actually nail some kickoffs to save bodies? We got one.

You wanted guys that return the ball past the 25 yard line on KOs and return a punt more than 7 yards? We got some.

God bless the Mayocks and Kipers of the world but, gee fuckin whiz, let's all get our eyes unfocused on Bobbie Massie's fat ass for a second and actually LOOK at what we DO have! It's insane!

I am not saying that this will all work out. I am not saying that this will be what brings us back to the win column. I am never again going to prognosticate that we are finally in the black here. Done it before only to be thoroughly depressed.

What I am saying is that I have never seen such major steps being taken in such a short period of time that not only stocks us up in skilled areas for the immediate future but for the long term as well.

These last 3 days this offseason has brought more excitement and conversation about my beloved Rams than the last 8 regular seasons have.

And for that: Bravo, Fischer and Snead! Bravo!

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