So You Love Mocks Do You? Then Lets Get Started!

OK Hotshots! You all indicated a profound love for mocks, It's time to get started on the next one. This one will be run again after the cut-down to 53 men, then one after the pre-season. Just post





and continue from there. Have fun-YOU'RE MOCKING AGAIN!!

Week 1 A: Detroit Lions - Matthew Stafford throwing to new weapons- Sam Bradford throwing to new weapons-worst possible scenario. This will turn into a defensive battle. Scores proliferate in 4th quarter as teams settle down. Who’ the last gunslinger standing?

Week 2 H: Washington Redskins - RGIII After eeking out a ugly one in week one, RGIII thinks he knows football, and can run again. Well, Mr. RGIII, you’re going to leave this game as RGI. Considering our new D backfield, I think you will be rethinking your scrambling ability.

Week 3: A Chicago Bears - Jay Cutler can be a really lucky sucker at times. If our new coaching can keep us from beating ourselves, we can tip the balance of our two evenly matched teams. It’s going to turn into a pass –fest unless SJax and Co. can be pivotal to balance the game.

Week 4: H Seattle Seahawks – Motivation abounds for this game. Maybe to much. Jitters will dominate us for the first quarter, then we will settle down. The Seahawks by now realize the Rams are a much different team in 2012. They will over-adjust to compensate and that will be their undoing-because Fisher didn’t adjust anything. We'll just keep banging.

Week 5: H Arizona CardinalsFor the Cardinals, how does a bucket of cold water in the face sound? The cardinals are still trying to live in their own little world until they figure out what to do with their non found talent. Oh I see-just keep throwing to Fritz, and maybe something will happen. Yeah, right—

Week 6: A Miami Dolphins - The Dolphins have shredded their team, and I think they will be a rudder without a boat. The Rams should be able to capitalize on their porous run defense. In fact, we would probably be able to capitalize on their porous pass defense as well.

Week 7: H Green Bay Packers – We have a master plan-OOPS-we have a backup plan-OOPS-we have a hail mary plan-OOPS-OK coach, what do we do now? Hey, we’re at home. Moral victory anyone?

Week 8: WAY AWAY AT HOME New England Patriots - The Pats either play in brilliant sunshine or in a fog. Which team will we catch? The Rams will be coached to be level and even. That is Fishers way. So the Rams will just play our game and hope the Pats stay in a fog for this week.

Week 9: BYE-try to get DX, Flecher, Murphy, Ho Ho, and Smith healed a little.

Week 10: A San Fransisco 49ers – Another high motivation game. Unfortunately , it’s in San Fran. The 9’ers are a very powerful team, and they are just primed for a loss. The Rams MUST show them that we are no longer “The same old sorry-assed Rams!”

Week 11: H New York Jets – The Jets have the same distain for the Rams they have always had. They don’t feel it is justified getting their Unis dirty just to play the lowly Rams. They might start TEBOW because it is a “safe” game for them so he won’t be the Pig with lipstick on.

Week 12: A Arizona Cardinals - Kolb is to good of a QB to not have done something by now. The Cardinals are now gunning for us. This will be a battle worth recording, even if it’s on a VHS.

Week 13: H San Fransisco 49ers – A hard fought game against a division rival at home will bring out the best and the worst of both teams. Hopefully The Rams will be firing on all cylinders by now.

Week 14: A Buffalo Bills – The Buffalo Bills will be worn out by this time in the season. They will be tired, dejected, mad, and disappointed. That is why they will be dangerous and difficult. Careful consideration should be given before marking this one.

Week 15: H Minnesota Vikings – There’s nothing more angry than a lover scorned. That’s the way the Vikes feel from last year. They have nothing to lose but their season and I think they will be playing on passion alone. But Biness is Biness, and the Rams couldn’t care less about their pain. We have had out portion, now we will be giving it back to all comers.

Week 16: A Tampa Bay Bucs – This might be the toss-up game of the season. They had a good draft-We had a good draft. We are so evenly matched that the coaching will win or loose this one, and our new FG kicker.

Week 17: A Seattle Seahawks – This is a feel good game. We want this one just to rub their noses in it. It might be for the division, it might be to see how fast we can get on the Bus and get home. Take your pick!

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