2008 Revisited?

I had made a comment on another thread about the WR picks and referred to the 2008 draft of Avery and Burton and when I looked at the complete draft for 2008 the 2012 draft became eerily similar to that somewhat ill fated draft of 4 years ago.

In 2008, we kept the 2 pick of the draft and selected for the D-Line when we picked Chris Long. In 2012 we parlayed the 2nd pick into another D-Line prospect (Michael Brockers), 2 2nd rounders and a 5th rounder this year and two 1st round picks in 2013 and 2014. The similarity is the selection of the D-Line prospects.

In 2008, the 33rd pick was for WR Donnie Avery. In 2012, we picked up Brian Quick. The similarity does not stop there though because when we picked Avery, he wasn't the highest ranked receiver on the board at the time (D. Jackson, Jordy Nelson and Eddie Royal to name a few). This year when we got Brian; Randle, Hill and Jeffery might have been higher rated receivers than Brian.

In 2008, we had two picks in the 4th round where we picked a CB-Justin King and a WR-Keenan Burton. In 2012 in round three we picked a CB-Tru Johnson and our next pick a WR-Chris Givens.

In 2008 in the 5th round we select for the O-Line and got Roy Scheuning. In 2012 we draft O-line and select Rok Watkins.

In 2008 on the 1st pick in the 7th round we got linebacker Chris Chamberlain. In 2012, we get linebacker Aaron Brown.

Now obviously all picks do not match up as that would be too coincidental but there are enough similarities to consider this draft a little too close to the draft of 2008 as far as position goes and where drafted. I definitely hope the skill set is much better than in 2008.

Now, I am not claiming this draft class will turn out to be like 2008 (we only have Chris Long still on the roster) and we did get some quality with the additional 2nd round picks with Pead and Jenkins. We also have future capital with the two 1st rounders for 2013 and 2014.

Anyway, I just thought I would point out what I thought was a very similar draft.

Thanks for reading.

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