2012 NFL Draft: Did The St. Louis Rams Draft The Next T.O?

Feb 26, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Appalachian State wide receiver Brian Quick participates in a catch and run drill during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Tonight the Rams gave the majority of their fans what they wanted, a play making wide receiver with an early pick.

I'm sure that no one expected them to take Brian Quick over players like Alshon Jeffery, Ruben Randle, and Stephen Hill.

However the Rams felt so strongly about Quick that they rejected trades so that they could draft him. Could it have been a reach? Sure it could have been, but with the four wide receivers that the Rams worked out all went into the first round, why not go to the guy that they had a secret workout with?

Michael Silver wrote another must read article about the Rams, and this time it's about how the Rams fell in love with Quick.

How high were the Rams on Brian Quick?

It was also highly plausible that the Rams would have drafted Blackmon and Quick at picks No. 6 and 33, respectively – that's how much they liked the small-college star after their visit to Boone.

Read past the jump to see why the Rams compared Quick to T.O

The easiest way to think about this is to imagine, Fisher and snead going on a hunting trip and finding a big fish in a small pond. Of course they would reel it in, well that's the way I imagine it happened.

The Rams wide receiver coach liked him so much, that he compared him to T.O, a player whom he coached while with the cowboys.

"I see a lot of similarities to Terrell Owens," Sherman said Thursday evening. "The way the kid goes and gets the ball, the physicality, the desire … he has a chance to be special, no doubt."

The Rams offensive Coordinator, also liked what he saw from Quick.

"We were all pretty impressed," Schottenheimer recalled Friday. "The ball [practically] never hit the ground once. Even though he's a tall guy, he got his weight low and grabbed the ball without making it look difficult. He got in and out of breaks, and he was explosive."

This pick interests me, Quick has a lot of potential, but he is really raw. If the Rams think that he can become the next T.O then he will be a great selection.

The only thing I wish, is that I was there at the private workout to see what made Snead and Fisher fall in love with him.

Brian Quick Tribute, WR Appalachian State (via xuesac84)

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