2nd Round: Options, Scenarios, Preferences, and Re-Mock

Whew. Well, that was interesting. I knew the new rookie wage scale would create some more excitement in the first round, but damn.

What becomes apparent now is that this 2nd round is huge for the early stages of this regime. First, let me say that I'm fine with the Brockers pick. I know that we didn't help Sam, but we have 3 of the next 13 picks, and I would be shocked if we didn't use two of those to do so (more on that later). The Rams outside of JLo haven't been able to stop the run for shit in years, and with Jeff Fisher's track record of developing d-linemen, the Rams should be able to get the most out of Brockers. Let us also consider that we get pick #45 as well, and this second trade down looks pretty good, depending on who we can take. Les Snead looks to be the type of GM who can spin straw into gold, as he was able to take the #2 pick which left us in an awkward position value-wise, and converted it into 2 extra 2nd rounders this year, and extra 1st rounders the next 2 years just by moving down 12 places. Great franchises build through the draft, and the fact that our new FO appears rather draft-savvy bodes extremely well for us.

As I stated, however, what we do with these 2nd rounders can make or break these trades. If we can cover our biggest needs tonight alone, Snead and Fisher will come off looking like geniuses. Mess up and they'll look like mere buffoons. That being said, let's examine the remaining options at our biggest positions of need

WR: Stephen Hill, Reuben Randle, Alshon Jeffery, Mohamed Sanu.
One of these picks WILL be a WR. Apparently, Fisher was really bummed that Jacksonville ruined our shot at Justin Blackmon (I share your sentiments, big guy). I also hypothesize that it will be either 33 or 39. I can't see us passing WR up twice, especially with a bevy of other WR-hungry teams in the top of the 1st. Hill is the top guy and probably won't make it past Cleveland, so we would have to take him at 33. Randle will probably be there at 39, but that's no guarantee. Sanu will likely be there at 39, and possibly 45. Jeffery is the real wild card here. He could go at any one of these picks, but it's hard to predict, since the scouting reports on him are so varying. By the way, don't be shocked if you see us pick a WR in the 2nd, then gowith a guy like Chris Givens or Marvin McNutt at 65. That's not necessarily what I'd do, but it would make strategical sense. I wouldn't even entirely rule out two WRs in the 2nd.

OL: Cordy Glenn, Jonathan Martin, Bobby Massie, Mike Adams, Peter Konz, Kelechi Osemele, Amini Silatolu
I get the feeling that it's very likely that whichever of the first 2 doesn't go to a WR will go to a lineman. The big question is, tackle or guard? One way to potentially cover this question is to take Cordy Glenn. It is surprising that Glenn slipped this far, but I'm not complaining. Glenn can't play LT, but would be a monster at guard,and possibly a good RT as well. The concern for Glenn would be whether the Rams want to take another transitional lineman. He would likely have to go at 33. Martin and Adams are interesting options. Both or either potentially available at 39, they could, at the least, take over at RT, and at the most takeover at LT. I like Martin quite a bit. His stock has fallen, but I think he is very solid and presents great value in the early 2nd. Mike Adams is more questionable. Ethic and character issues have dropped his stock as well, but if the staff thinks they can get the most out of his potential, we may be getting a steal. Peter Konz, a center who can play guard, would be an interesting option at 33 or 39 if we wanted to draft for the interior. Bobby Massie could be available at 45. I don't see him as ever being a LT, but I think he could be a really solid RT in the NFL.

OLB: Zach Brown, Lavonte David, Mychal Kendricks, Bobby Wagner
Don't expect the Rams to take a LB at 33 or 39, but I see it as a very likely option at 45. Brown and David might be taken at 39, but that wouldn't be the best option given that at least one of these guys will for sure be there at 45. David at 45 would be the best value, but I'm not sure he'll be there. I like the idea of Mychal Kendricks at 45. He is super talented and a tackle machine who fits the value. By the way, I hear some people suggesting Courtney Upshaw. This would be an awful pick to me, since Upshaw is way too big to be a 4-3 OLB, and DE is not a huge need.

RB: LaMichael James, Lamar Miller, Chris Polk, Benard Pierce, Isaiah Pead
What the 3rd of the 3 2nd rounders will be is a mystery, and RB could be it. I could see 45 being a place where they go with James or Miller. I love the idea of James in the backfield, but his stock is also somewhat mysterious. If he is there at 65 I say no way we pass him up, but it's hard to say if he'll last that long. Ultimately, I think the Rams wait until 65 for a RB, but wouldn't be surprised to see them address it earlier than that.

CB: Janoris Jenkins, Casey Hayward, Trumaine Johnson
A Janoris Jenkins pick at 33 or 39 would be the most likely curveball in the Rams draft strategy. However, keep this in mind. We traded away our shot at Mo Claiborne. Thus, CB may not be one of the top needs on their board. Jenkins is one of those uber-talented/iffy-character guys that seem to go in the early 2nd a lot, but I don't see us pulling the trigger on him unless he falls all the way to 45. If he doesn't, but the FO still sees CB as a big need, Hayward or Johnson are possibilities. It is noteworthy that Johnson can also play safety.

Curveball: Coby Fleener?
I don't think this will happen, but I'm not going to rule it out. Adding Fleener would basically do the same as adding a WR. I doubt we'd add him in lieu of a WR, but if we had already added one and Fleener fell to 45, I guarantee it would be tempting to add another weapon.

I'll outline a few scenarios that I prefer above others.

1. WR/OL/OLB: (33. Stephen Hill, 39. Jonathan Martin, 45. Mychal Kendricks)
I feel that this is the best way to go. Odds are we can cover OL and WR in these first 7, but the guaranteed shot at WR of our choice may be the better option.

2. OL/WR/LB (33. Cordy Glenn, 39. Reuben Randle, 45. Mychal Kendricks)
Simply the transposition of the previous option.

3. WR/CB/OL (33. Stephen Hill, 39. Janoris Jenkins, 45. Bobby Massie)
This is the likeliest scenario if they deem Jenkins as too good to pass up.

4. WR/OL/WR (33. Stephen Hill, 39. Jonathan Martin, 45. Mohamed Sanu)
This is feasible. Since Sam was snubbed last round, they may choose to spend the entire 2nd making it up to him.

5. WR/WR/OL (33. Stephen Hill, 39. Reuben Randle, 45. Bobby Massie)
If the Rams REALLY want to stack the WR position, they may choose to double up immediately and then take the best OL or LB available at 45.

Re-Mock (2nd Round):

33. Rams: Stephen Hill/WR (Georgia Tech)

34. Colts: Coby Fleener/TE (Stanford)

35. Ravens: Courtney Upshaw/OLB (Alabama)

36. Broncos: Devon Still/DT (Penn St.)

37. Browns: Cordy Glenn/OL (Georgia)

38. Jags: Vinny Curry/DE (Marshall)

39. Rams: Jonathan Martin/OT (Stanford)

40. Panthers: Rueben Randle/WR (LSU)

41. Bills: Mike Adams/OT (Ohio St.)

42. Dolphins: Andre Branch/DE (Clemson)

43. Seahawks: Lamar Miller/RB (Miami)

44. Chiefs: Brock Osweiler/QB (Arizona St.)

45. Rams: Lavonte David/OLB (Nebraska)

46. Eagles: Janoris Jenkins/CB (North Alabama)

47. Jets: Alshon Jeffery/WR (South Carolina)

48. Pats: Peter Konz/C/G (Wisconsin)

49. Chargers: Jerel Worthy/DE (Michigan St.)

50. Bears: Bobby Massie/OT (Ole Miss)

51. Eagles: Mychal Kendricks/LB (Cal)

52. Titans: Zach Brown/OLB (UNC)

53. Bengals: Mohamed Sanu/WR(Rutgers)

54. Lions: Casey Hayward/CB (Vanderbilt)

55. Falcons: Amini Silatolu/OL (Midwestern St.)

56. Steelers: Bobby Wagner/ILB (Utah St.)

57. Broncos: Juron Criner/WR (Arizona)

58. Texans: Brian Quick/WR (Appalachian St.)

59. Packers: Kendall Reyes/DE (UConn)

60. Ravens: Marvin Jones/WR (Cal)

61. Niners: Kelechi Osemele/OL (Iowa St.)

62. Pats: Trumaine Johnson/CB/S (Montana)

63. Giants: Dwayne Allen/TE (Clemson)

In this scenario, the best available players that fit the Rams needs at 65 would be LaMichael James/RB, Marvin McNutt/WR, Brandon Boykin/CB, Markelle Martin/S, and Orson Charles/TE.

Thanks for reading, and here's to a good night! Exciting times here around Rams Nation.

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