Looking to the second round. Possibly protecting a $50 million investment

Before I start I have to vent that I was hoping that the FO would trade back into the first round to target OG DeCastro. I was thinking that a 2nd paired with either a 3rd or a 4th. Targeting the Patriots at 21 as a potential trade partner would have probably been the best opportunity. Oh well, It is what it is...

On to the options at 33 and 39 that can plug some holes:

I think that when you have a young QB, in which you have $50 million invested into, you should do anything to protect him. Especially with this extremely QB-friendly environment of the NFL, having your QB in action makes a huge difference.

OG/OT Cordy Glenn

Glenn is a massive individual standing just over 6'4" and weighing in at 345 lbs. He has a great wingspan, and uses his strength very well in the run game. He exhibits a solid punch with his hands. He moves defenders consistently opening lanes for his backs. He is incredibly reliable playing in each of his 53 college games (starting in 50 of them). He has experience at 4 of the O-line spots. He is probably best suited to play one of the interior line spots. Can play both OG spots and potentially at RT at the next level. He gives us versatility, reliability, and it Don King.

OT Jonathon Martin

Martin has prototypical size for OT, standing in at 6'5" and 312 lbs. He is a very good athlete and exhibits nice quickness. He definitely can use some coaching up but has some great intangibles to accompany that athleticism. He does very well in pass protection with his ability to reset quickly. He does well getting to the next level, but can work on his run blocking. He started 26 games in his final two years at Stanford. Could offer a nice option at the OT positions.

C/G Peter Konz

Konz Is a good sized, versatile lineman. Standing in at 6'5" and 314 lbs this interior lineman is great in the run game. He is tactical with his approach in the run game, although will get caught playing too tall at times. He offers versatility at both C and OG, though most of his time was at C. Played 30 games over the last 3 years, though he has had his fair share of injuries and stuff.

Other possibles:

OT Bobbie Massie- Massie is a massive individual that projects to be a very good RT at the next level.

OT Mitchell Schwartz. The OT from Cal comes with question marks about his back, but could turn out to be a solid OT.

There are other impact players to keep our eye on.

WR Ruben Randle

WR Alshon Jeffery

DE Courtney Upshaw

CB Janoris Jenkins

CB Trumaine Johnson

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