Why are you so angry?..........well back in 1969......



I have yet to see an posting here since I found this great site, something that brings in a little history. For you that have been fans in this era of technology who can point and click their way through this may find this a little boring.

You have seen in full or part of the really good teams that played that is now 10 years ago or you have a great passion for not so long ago troubled teams. Of the current state it's hard to tell, but up is the direction with the house-cleaning we all have witnessed.

The last regime was tolerant to failure, blind to prevention and looked too far ahead in where the teams progress really was. I would of really been behind the 'Four Pillar" concept if it didn't fail here. Blame goes in both directions from the Head-coach. The Front office was worst than the coaching, the coaching didn't fit the personnel and I think the players were waiting for the front office to get them the tools to do better. Any team with the injuries we had could not have competed to be on the winning end most of the time.

The Story:

I attended my first game at the L.A. Coliseum December 7, 1969. It was against then arch-rival Vikings. If anyone here remembers that season we were unbeaten til that game and was dominating every team on the defensive side of the ball. We had Roman Gabriel who was the NFL MVP that year, one the top defensive and offensive lines and a good group of receivers. All the adult Ram fans that I knew at that time were pretty much like the Pats fans are now. Arrogant and pom-pas for sure. And as that is always not a good thing, the Rams lost that game with the Vikings defense played better than ours. Every facet of that game belonged to the Vikes. An ambitious starting to becoming AnAngryRamsFan.

Then, Coach Allen went on to rest players the last couple games knowing that they would face the Vikes again in the playoffs. A hard lesson that pretty much ended Allen's time in L.A., who, by the way, went on to coach the Redskins in a Superbowl a few years later with some of the then Rams players on that roster.

After the merger, what happened next set in forth the journey of the Rams ending up in St. Louis. The death of owner Dan Reeves resulted in Carrol Rosenbloom trading teams with owner, Robert Irsay. Similar to the current ownership change, Coach Protro and his staff were purged the next year.

The Rams owned the NFC west for years. But, were always the second best to the Vikes and Cowboys. Their coaching and ownership were always enough to counter Ram teams who's talent was measurably better. Then in 1979, the Ram defense that year was comparable to some great teams with their level of play. They set a NFL record against then AFC team Seattle Seahawks for fewest yards allowed in a game. But as the season went on injuries hurt the defense and they puttered along with a sub-standard offense. They did however make to the Superbowl with a very tired defense that kept them in the game until the fourth quarter. They ran out of gas and the great Steeler offense won it in the end.

With the emergence of the Niner dynasty in the 80's, the rams continued to play second fiddle til 1985 with the shocking loss of the Niners in the playoffs opened the Dickerson lead rams to the NFC championship game against the Best ever Superbowl winning defense. The Bears held #29 in check and adding the dropped passes and Bears' pass-rush, the deserving team went on to win that year.

Now, after twenty years of almost, the Rams finally fielded a team in 1989 that could play with the hated Niners. They surprised everyone in the playoffs til the NFC Championship game, when the now famous Fathom sack took place much to the delight of the Niners. Yes, the Rams where off that day, but that is put the the exclamation on the end of my handle.

In the current era, many players would have been cast off after that (as Everett was the next year.). Turns out most left on their own (How could we let K.Greene get away!).

Then came the 90's, and the extreme ineptness set in from ownership (Georgia F. had something to do with her husband dying I say!) on down. The Rams left Anaheim with little resistance from the NFL to Georgia's hometown.

For those of you who became die hard fans on their arrival in St. Louis, the first few years must of been exciting and the stars aligned for the great 1999 season. This team had great coaching, star power and just kicked ass on both sides of the ball. All talk about the great offense, but the defense was tops in many faucets that year also. After a very tough game against Tampa Bay, the Superbowl seemed a cakewalk for the Rams. And it seemed that way for three plus quarters (remember 1979?). The Fisher lead Titans made a game of it and rolled a couple great drives and got within seconds and yards from winning. Mike Jones makes the tackle and Rams win.

To this day, my theory to the downward direction following the 2001 season was Vermiel's retirement. Martz proved that great co-coordinators do not make good head-coaches. And Spags highlights that. The difference is that Martzs' teams had loads of talent but wasn't used properly. Had Dick stayed, I think the Rams would have been the team of the past decade. Thanks again Georgia!

For now, some here have accepted that the past regime has made things worst. We can't gentlemen, get behind Fisher and the direction he's taking the Rams. When has there been this much hype for the Ram faithful in recent years? Winning will happen, and being a AnAngryRamsFan drives me in ways that some of you don't agree with. Let's get past the draft frenzy and talk about how to remove Angry from my tag.

May Georgia rest in peace.

BTW are there any Bay area fans here who are interested in getting together on game days or doing a fantasy league?

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