2012 NFL Trade Rumors: Steven Jackson Wants A New Contract

EARTH CITY MO - JULY 31: Steven Jackson #39 of the St. Louis Rams stretches during training camp at the Russell Athletic Training Facility on July 31 2010 in Earth City Missouri. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

Steven Jackson's days with the St. Louis Rams could be drawing to a close very soon, possibly before the end of the week. Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network said on Bill Simmons' "B.S. Report" that Rams running back wants a new contract and "is not happy where he is."

If Lombardi's report is correct, it makes it difficult, if not impossible, to think that the Rams will pass on Alabama running back Trent Richardson on Thursday night. First, they have to be able to draft Richardson, and that might not be possible with the sixth pick.

Per Lombardi:

The problem with Steven Jackson is he wants to redo his contract," Lombardi said. "He's not happy where he is. ... I would suspect that the Rams would (draft) the running back as quickly as they could.

Lombardi goes on to say that the Vikings are trying to lure the Rams up to the third spot. In reality, the fourth spot might be a more realistic destination if they want to guarantee a shot at Richardson. The Browns have been making noise about the possibility of taking Richardson. He certainly fits with what they want to do, barring a last-minute love for Ryan Tannehill.

Jackson is due $7 million this season and the same in 2013, the final year of his deal. He had a clause that would have made him a free agent this season, but the crummy Rams team never got him to the needed level of performance averages for rushing yards and receiving yards through the first four years of his contract.

No statement has yet been made about this matter from Jackson, who had very veteran things to say in last week's mini-camp when asked about the possibility.

The Rams' all-time leading rusher is in tough spot. 29-years old with a big contract and lots of mileage on his tires, he's a prime candidate for a new coaching regime to set free.

Trading Jackson will not be easy.

First they have to get a replacement, something the old regime tried and failed to do over and over again. If Richardson is not the target, you have to wonder about Doug Martin or David Wilson. Either player could fall to the top of the second round, or the Rams could package one of their picks and move up into the late first to draft him.

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