2012 NFL Draft: A Ram Fan's Draftboard

The 2012 NFL Draft is upon us. Prospects will find out where their new residences will be, draft analyst will pick over draft decisions like scavengers on carrion, and fans will rejoice or recoil. What a day!. Back to the present. Teams are assembling draft boards, going through various draft day scenarios, and looking at possible trade opportunities. Little sleep and gallons of coffee.

Who is on The Ram's draft board? What are the trade options in consideration? When will those decisions be finalized? Where will certain prospects fall? Why will The Ram's make certain choices? How effective will The Ram's be in executing their draft plan? No easy questions and no easy answers.

After the jump I will offer my draftboard from an individual fan point of view. My board does not fully embrace a best player available philosophy; nor is it soley need based. If I labeled my process, it would potentially limit talent that may help improve The Rams. I will rank the prospects according to their individual positions, and priority from my perspective.

The positions I addressed were IMO, the most critical Again; it is my opinion:







The players listed are those that I would use draft selections to acquire. I see them as impact players

Please feel free to share your draft boards and individual draft strategies for The 2012 Rams. It makes interesting reading and discussion.

WR: 1. Justin Blackmon

2. Stephen Hill

3. Kendall Wright

4. Michael Floyd

5. Marvin Jones

6. Chris Givens

7. Jarius Wright

Come draft day, it may be possible to select two of these prospects. I chose these particular WR's for their explosiveness and playmaking ability.

Running Back: 1. Doug Martin

2. Lamar Miller

3. Robert Turbin

4. David Wilson

The RB's listed would add youth, explosiveness, and options in the passing game.

Offensive Guard: 1. Cordy Glenn

2. Brandon Brooks

3. Brandon Washington

With The Rams implementing a power run game; these OG's would be ideal potentially

Weakside Outside Linebacker: 1. Zach Brown

2. Lavonte David

3. Keenan Robinson

These WOLB display solid cover skills.

Defensive Tackle: 1. Dontari Poe

2. Akiem Hicks

Sise, athleticism, and versatility make these prospects special IMO.

Cornerback: 1.Stephon Gilmore

2. Trumaine Johnson

3. Chris Greenwood

Big corners with ball skills.

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