St. Louis Rams: Where are we going?



Here comes the draft! It's the small joy we have as football fans to get a taste of something, anything that is football this offseason. Sure, I scour the football news sites looking for team tidbits, reading about the many dramas both ongoing and past just like you. I try to find anything that will satisfy my football itch this time of the year!

I have also seen things this offseason that I had doubts that would ever occur, but it lets me know that you should never say never in this league.

Case #1 - I did not think we would get Jeff Fisher. Period, I said it. Do I think he is going to all of a sudden turn us into a playoff contender? Hell why not?! If San Francisco can make a coaching change, take mostly the same component players and assemble a season like they did last year why can't we? Were we really that far off? I don't think so.

Case #2 - Mark my words, Schottenheimer was the best choice. When you look at his offense and then look at many of the break downs in play from last season, there are problems far worst on that team that contributed to their season than his playbook.

Case #3 - Smart football moves by our front office. You remember some of the moves the Rams used to make that would cost us so much in dead money till we couldn't afford to go get top talent? Those days are done and over. We hit this offseason with a jackpot of power from our trade with Washington. Frankly, I was hype off of that move alone. Sure, the new rookie cap assisted that thought process in the trade, but still, nice play. We're in a great position to "wheel and deal" with whatever or whomever for a while. This move also says to me that we are dealing with a different kind of front office. Still don't know if I would've done the whole Julio Jones thing though. Just sayin' Mr. Snead.

Lastly, I saw yesterday that Jason Smith restructured his contract. Well done to the front office and their ability to get this done. It also says alot about Smith's own ability to do some introspection. You have not played well man. Then I always have to switch to the glass half full; what if he turns into a beast? Hey stop laughing I'm serious. What if?

I think we are headed for better than "2-14" days. The Gregg Williams story aside, things are looking up. Might sound strange, but I see good things coming out of that too in the future. I see a trade down coming to us with the Browns or Philly. A good draft is coming for us. I think an offseason will make an immense difference for the Rams not only individually but also collectively, as it will the league. I see us making it to a 7-9 record or better. What do you think?

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