Where’s My Playbook Damn It?! Pt.1



"This is has got to be the craziest time of the year!" He says to himself looking down at his desk with stacks of files, post-its and numerous empty bottles of energy drinks.

"Two months to the first day of training camps and so many unsigned free-agents."

Just then, his intercom interrupts his train of thought.

"Mr. Triholm, you have a call on line seven, sir."

"Thank You Shara, let em know I’ll be an minute."

"Yes Sir."

He starts moving one of the huge stacks of files in front of his phone and they fall to the floor.


Then he punches line seven.

"This is Jed Triholm."

"Jed, you need to get down here, right now!"


"This is Steve!"

"OK, Steve what’s going on?"

As he is reaching down to pick up the files closest to him.

"There is a kid down here in New Zealand you should see!"

"OK, and?"

"I’m guessing he’s about 6’7" tall, maybe 300 lbs."

"First off, what are you doing there, shouldn’t you be in Miami scouting?"

"Yeah, I should be, but my nephew saw this video on the web and forwarded it to me. Well, when I first saw it, I said no way. So I had my video guy look at it and he said it was real and I got on the first flight here."

"Go on, you have my attention." He says as he’s re-stacking the files.

"The video shows him in a competition against horses."


"Look, I’ll forward it to you, then, I know you’ll be calling me back."

Pondering this, Jed says.

"Alright, I’ll take a look at it."

After he hangs up the phone, he turns toward his computer, and opens his e-mails. He clicks on the video and turns to reach down for the rest of the files, he hears.

"This Pritiman Sliik is truly amazing. After racing against dogs, wrestling boars and dunking bowling balls, he has accepted the challenge of horse breeder Waylin Franks."

Now he looks up to watch the video.

"First, Pritiman will run a furlong against one of Franks’ best quarter horses, Bees Behave."

Jed grabs his notepad and opens it to take notes.

"They are at the starting gate, and gate opens, their off. Pritiman is out first with a big lead, Bees Behave is a slow starter but this lead is large even for a horse of this caliber. Bee Behave is closing. They are now head n head. And Bees Behave wins at the wire."

This gets his attention. This dude runs like a deer.

"So, Mr. Frank, what did you think of this race?"

"This guy runs like a deer, where did he come from?"

Drawing a smirk from Jed.

"He works in a stone quarry down south."

"Mate, this limy is gold!"

Jed hastily writes some notes down

"So, Mr. Frank what’s next?"

"We’re going to have a tug of war with Pritiman against one of my prized Clydesdales"

Jed thinks to himself ‘Ok, right this has to be a scam’

"Are we ready?"

"Yes, their both set to start."

"Set, Go! Looks like the horse will have no problem in this contest as he easily pulls Pritiman along. But wait, Pritiman sets his hips and stops the Clydesdale in his tracts. The horse even turns his head back to see what’s stopping him. Pritiman is now pulling him backwards as he drags his hoofs in the ground."

Mr.Frank then says. "Enough, enough, Pritiman wins."

This gets a large cheer from the now large crowd watching.

All Jed can do now is watch.

"Now, Pritiman will go against one of my steeple jumpers starting with staggered low and high jumps. This will be done on a timed basis."

The horse goes first and you can see that the jockey is getting the most out of this by how close it was on the last steeple.

"Fourty-nine seconds, a pretty good time."

And now Pritiman goes, he really seems graceful, agile and each step is explosive.

"Time keeper says fifty two seconds, quite impressive. Mr. Frank any comments?"

"This guy would be a top flight scrubber on my Rugby team."

"Well there you are. Mr. Pritiman Sliik, a name to remember."

Jed still staring at the screen quickly punches the intercom.

"Shari, get me Steve back on the phone!"

"Yes Sir." Replies Shari.

"And get me on a Flight to New Zealand as soon as possible."

"Sir, you have appointments all week."

"Cancel or reschedule them Shari, Thank You."

This is the first time Jed has ever been to New Zealand. He has looked at football players from outside the U.S. before in Germany, Japan and even Samoa. But if this is all on the level, an athlete like this only comes around once in a life-time. And can he get him even to be a little interested in American football.

"Twenty hours total to get here." He hears another passenger say as he gets up from his seat. That’s one whole day down. I hope Adrian P. understands me cancelling his contract restructure meeting.

He looks around the plane as he’s exiting making sure that no other agents are on to this flight, too. Rolling his carry-on he looks around and sees Steve.

"Hey, Steve!" As Steve turns and now sees Jed.

"How was the flight?"

"Long, do we have an interview set up with Pritiman?"

"Better, we’re going down to where he lives to meet him and his family."


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