Hold Everything!. Could another team block the Rams from moving to LA?

As everyone knows by now that the Rams and the CVC have locked horns in a back-and-forth negotiation to settle the Edward Jones Dome lease agreement. The primary stumbling block is a clause in the agreement that states the Jones Dome must be among the top-tier (25%) of NFL stadiums by 2014. The team can break its lease after the 2014 season and potentially move to another city if the dome is not deemed to be among the top-tier NFL stadiums. One of the leverages the Rams hold is their possible move to L.A. where several plans exist for the building a hugh NFL stadium complex in a large NFL market area.

But wait! There's a fly in that ointment. A new team may just move to L.A. soon and it may not be who you think. No it's not San Diego, no it's not

After the Jump.

Lease negotiations started on On Feb. 1 when the CVC announced details of their plan calling for $124 million in improvements to the dome in an effort to keep the Rams in St. Louis.

The CVC started off by offering the Rams a proposal that include:

• Adding a massive, 96-foot-long, 27-foot-tall scoreboard over the center of the field, nearly as large as the one at Cowboys Stadium in Texas.

• Adding 1,500 club seats, along with new club lounges.

• Having new windows along the length of the field on both sides, creating more natural light.

• Adding a 50,000-square-foot attached building that would include a “Geek Suite” area for electronics buffs and fantasy football fanciers.

The St. Louis Rams have responded, saying they do not accept CVCs proposal. Instead, the St. Louis Rams are going to submit their own proposal to improve the Edward Jones Dome by May 1. If the two parties cannot come to an agreement by June 1 it will go into arbitration. One of the leverage points the Rams hold is their possible move to L.A. if they don't come to an agreement with the CVC.

And now that leverage may be gone if the Minnesota Vikings end up moving to L.A. soon.

Commissioner Roger Goodell will fly to Minnesota today to warn state lawmakers that if they do not help the Vikings build a new stadium, the team will be forced to explore other options, including leaving the state. The hastily arranged visit will come just days after state lawmakers rejected a proposal to use public funds to pay for part of a $975 million stadium that the Vikings want to build in downtown Minneapolis to replace the aging Metrodome.

So there ya have it. If the Minnesota lawmakers don't pitch in to help the Vikings build a completely new stadium then the Vikings are given Goodell's approval to move and L.A. looks to be a most promising place to land.

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