A New Mock Direction

The Rams are on the clock with Morris Claiborne still on the board at 6th overall. Some would say sign the card and solidify a position with 2 great corners. But I have a different direction to explore.

1(6): Pick traded to the Detroit Lions for their first rounder (23 ovr) 2nd and 3rd rounder as well as a 2nd rounder next draft so the Lions can pick a desperately needed cornerback especially after the departure of Eric Wright to Tampa Bay. The Lions drop the payload unto the Rams to be able to move into the top 10 but I think the move will work out for both teams.

1(23): Reuben Randle-WR LSU. The Rams need a big receiver who can be their go-to guy for Bradford. Randle possesses great size, hands, and decent speed to be able to create a good target instead of the abundance of slot receivers on the team.

2(1): Jerel Worthy-DT Mich. St. Even though the Rams made 2 moves in free agency at the defensive tackle postion (additions of Kendall Langford and Trevor Laws), the Rams still need a big, run-stuffing man who could help strengthen a line that has made great strides this offseason. Besides, Fisher is known to address the defensive line earlier in the draft than other positions.

2(7): Doug Martin- RB Boise St. Steven Jackson isn’t getting any younger and his workload isn’t decreasing. Sometime our big bruiser is going to wear out sooner rather than later, and when that day comes, we don't want to have a hole in a key position of our offense. Martin could also use the experience of Jackson to propel his game even further. Not to mention, Schottenheimer likes to run a two-back system.

2(22): Zebrie Sanders-OT FSU. 4 year starter who has the versatility to play both Right and Left tackle which would be a great commodity along the Ram’s line. The 4 year starter possesses the size to be a brutal run blocker in the NFL with his shear size but even for his big size, he is an agile pass blocker to be able to accommodate both aspects of the game. He would be able to come in and compete for a starting role. IMO, I think the Rams need an upgrade at tackle while giving J. Smith another chance to prove himself in the Left Guard position.

3(2): Dwayne Allen-Clemson. The idea of having 2 solid tight ends in Kendricks and Allen who could open up the outside passing game would pay off big dividends for the Rams in the long run. He also has the blocking to go along with the hands to be a playmaker.

3(23): Nigel Bradham-OLB FSU. The big, athletic linebacker would be able to come in and improve the position from last year. His athletic ability for his size allows him to cover ground in the passing game and his size and tackling ability creates a fearsome linebacker in the run game.

4(1): Chase Minnifield-CB/Return Specialist Virgina. Not only would he supply the Rams with some solid depth in the cornerback position, he would give the Rams an option for special teams. His tackling and physicality are probably his best traits which work well with the mentality that Fisher wants to have from that position to help translate into preventing the running game.

6(1): Ryan Steed-CB/Return Specialist Furman. Another good physical cornerback coveted in Fisher’s defense since he likes to get involved with runs and make the tackle. His play in zone and man also make him a steal at the top of the 6th round.

7(2) Shaun Powell-P FSU. Have I picked too many players from Florida State? Well my third pick comes at a position of need once we were unable to resign Donnie Jones because the Rams were going to select a punter in the draft. So, volià, here is our new punter with great leg strength.

7(compensatory) Ronald Leary-OG Memphis. He has great strength to be a good run blocker right away. With a two-back system that seems to be imminent in St. Louis, why not get good depth in the last round some the Rams can pound the ball consistently.

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