Football Addiction

Football Addiction!

Every possible mock scenario has been submitted, shuffled, collated, homogenized, filtered, buffered, and discussed to death. No matter who gets drafted it's going to seem like watching a rerun of "I love Lucy!"

Is that going to stop us from watching?

Hell.......... No!

The addiction persists, and no matter what player gets picked, when he gets picked, or what team picks him, someone is going to be pissed about it!

One bad pick has the serious fan capable of tossing a beer can, the dog, or his best buddy at the nice new HD Flat-Screen just purchased for the 2012 season without a second thought.

To put this in perspective let's talk other T.V. addictions that at least give you a shot of changing the outcome.

How about American Idol?

Hey at least you get a chance to cast a real vote. True it might get tweaked or lost depending on how that contestant might affect the ratings. But at least you feel like you cast your vote and it meant something.

What did sweating over your own personal draft board for hours and hours get you?

A trip to the Mock hall of fame?

A monogrammed T-Shirt with "I Rocked the MOCK!"

A collection of the GURU's profound statements regarding FO movements, player abilities, and negative business acumen?

The point is, you can't affect or predict the outcome of the draft!

Did that stop me from making a mock draft?

I'm afraid not, I've succumbed to that fan addiction myself.

Answer these questions to check the current state of your addiction:

"Football addiction works off the pleasure principal common in any addiction. In the beginning of any behavior, whether it's drinking, shopping, or watching sports, the activity releases pleasure chemicals into the brain, making the user feel good."

That explains why I'm also addicted to beer, cheerleaders, and the swimsuit edition from SI.

"The more the activity or behavior is practiced, however, it takes longer and longer to get that pleasurable feeling. The behavior becomes more and more about avoiding pain than seeking pleasure.

  • Do you think about sports when you're supposed to be doing other things, like spending time with your family?
  • Do you rush home to catch games or listen obsessively on the radio while you're out?
  • Do you feel irritated when family or friends interrupt a game to get you involved with another activity?
  • Do you spend time at work surfing sports sites to stay on top of what's going on?
  • Do you use sports as a way to gamble?
  • Do you call in sick to work in order to watch games, especially playoffs?"

So that explains why so many people need to MOCK the Draft! I was under the false assumption that I was just plain bored. Bored is an excuse that has been used to explain many different forms of behavior. I use it all the time.

"Honey why didn't you take out the trash?" My wife asked me the other night.

"I was bored, and my draft board isn't finished yet babe." I told her in all honesty.

Wife again, "Honey why do you drink so much beer?"

"I can't decide if we should draft Trent Richardson or Justin Blackmon on the 6th pick!"

"Oh that explains it!" Wife rolls eyes, "Maybe you should see a therapist."

"Why, does he know what the Brown's are planning to do with the 4th pick?" I asked.

Have you ever had someone look at you like you just told them that your favorite past time was polishing rusty monkeys?

I got one of those looks but was left in peace to ponder how to spend my time after the draft. It was an easy enough solution, endless articles about who we drafted, how many games we will win or lose, pre-season games, and finally the real season will start.

That's the time when we live and die based on the play and the score of each Sunday's game! Arm chair quarterbacking, coaching, and pure fandom.

I can't wait!

Let the games begin, and then we can start all over again next season!

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