Storage Wars: St Louis

I've got to admit, whether it's my apparent white trash Kentucky roots, or growing up in Northern VA (dangerously close to the West Virginia border), I love the show 'Storage Wars.' If you haven't seen it, it's essentially all of my cousins getting together (with the courts permission, of course) to bid on 'lockers,' or storage units that have been defaulted on by their original owner. It's typical to see the door of the unit pulled open unveiling an old TV, a bedbug ridden mattress, a unicycle with no wheel, or cardboard boxes filled with your deceased grandmothers unmentionables. BUT every so often (meaning every show), amongst the clutter and garbage, they find that diamond in the rough.....that needle in a haystack. Are these 'lockers' any different than our locker room? You tell me...



The key to being a good buyer is to be able to recognize the valuables that are tucked away, and maybe not what you see right in front of you. It takes experience, patience, and a keen eye for potential. I'd say that our locker room is a mixed bag. Throughout discussion this offseason, we've been quick to the point out the who we'd like to draft to fill the deficient areas that make our team so swiss cheesey. There are, however, some Rams players that have yet to prove their worth, or maybe haven't been given the opportunity to.

Whether they're 2nd year guys that were a part of the Spagnuolo era's last draft, players on our lengthy injured reserve list from 2011, or depth guys that add value on special teams, we've got to have one. My question to you is 'who is that diamond in the rough?' Clearly, 'Sam Bradford' isn't the answer to that question......neither is 'JL55.'

Who is the player, that when you've dug through the locker you just purchased, in sweltering heat and smelling like a rest stop, makes you wonder how much worth he truly has? A player that two or three years down the road, you think to yourself 'we discussed kicking that guy to the curb, but I'm glad we kept him!' Hold him up, look at the camera, and tell us what you think!

For many of you, DX could be the answer. Young, talented, yet injury-plagued. The TSTers clearly have an affinity for him. Jason Smith appears to be getting praise from Rams he renewed? Are you ready to give up on Illinois Mike? Could Jerome Murphy be a legit CB? Can you think of another?

Remember, though, that there's only one 'needle in a haystack,' so tell us who gets your 'bid.' The unfortunate part of this business is that the majority of the time you'll find a diaper.....a used one. Who's your 'why are you still here' diaper?

I'll kick it off.....

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