The St. Louis Rams: An 11-5 Season. Is It Possible?

With the release of The Ram's 2012 schedule, and the draft just over a week away; the anticipation of the season to come brings excitement and hope. The Rams added talent via free agency and now look to continue through the draft. Coach Fisher and OC Shottenheimer are the new kids in town. Their offensive approach seems to be more balanced. They made an excellent move in signing Wells at center. A simple offense based upon power blocking, power running,relatively short passes with the ability to strike deep and unexpectedly, will go a long way in protecting Bradford. I think this offense will be a more explosive; attacking version of Pat Shumer's system. I do not think the new offense will be difficult for Bradford.

Fisher and Shottenheimer are smart enough to work with Bradford's strengths, and employ an offense that fits his style of play. I think that they are smart enough to surround Bradford with the skill weapons he needs in order to make this offense go. After the jump is the posted schedule for The Rams in 2012. I will include a mock I did a little while back.

With the players taken in free agency, a corps group of Rams players, the prospects available in the draft, and a talented pool of potential UDFA's; The Rams IMO, have a decent chance of making the playoffs with an 11-5 record.

Date/Time (ET)
Week H/A Opponent TV
Sep. 9, 1pm
1 A Detroit Lions Fox
Sep.16, 4:05pm 2 H Washington Redskins Fox
Sep. 23, 1pm 3 A Chicago Bears Fox
Sep. 30, 1pm 4 H Seattle Seahawks Fox
Oct. 4, 8:20pm 5 H Arizona Cardinals NFL
Oct. 14, 1pm 6 A Miami Dolphins Fox
Oct. 21, 1pm 7 H Green Bay Packers Fox
Oct. 28, 1pm 8 H New England Patriots CBS
Nov. 11, 4:15pm 10 A San Francisco 49ers Fox
Nov. 18, 1pm 11 H New York Jets CBS
Nov. 25, 4:15pm 12 A Arizona Cardinals Fox
Dec. 2, 1pm 13 H San Francisco 49ers Fox
Dec. 9, 1pm 14 A Buffalo Bills Fox
Dec. 16, 1pm 15 H Minnesota Vikings Fox
Dec. 23, 1pm 16 A Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fox
Dec. 30, 4:15pm 17 A Seattle Seahawks Fox

The only losses that I see

: Detroit. Calvin Johnson, Matt Stafford, and the rest of that offense is young and talented. Their defense is stout up front and on the edges. It is always a tough to start the season away from home.

The San Francisco 49er's: A tough mathup for The Rams and anyone else. The Niners will win at home.

Buffalo: A tough place to play in December. Their defense will be tough upfront with the addition of Mario Williams.

Tampa Bay: VJAX gives the Bucs a vertical threat that has been missing. OG Carl Nicks will make it tough to get to Freeman.

Seattle: Always a tough place to win even for the best of teams.

Draft Prospects That Can Help The Rams Go 11-5:

1. WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma St

2. RB Doug Martin, Boise St

2. OLB Zach Brown, N.C.

3. WR Marvin Jones, Cal

4. OG Brandon Brooks, Miami(OH)

6. FS Janzen Jackson, McNeese St

7. CB Chris Greenwood, Albion

7. OLB Jerrell Harris, Alabama

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