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So ive done just about as much analysis as i can possibly do with all of this years Draft prospects. So before i do my final mocks prior to the draft , its time for me to look ahead to next year's Draft. Im sure the majority of us Rams fans can agree, that our team will need more than this draft alone to reach stardom. So it might be important for us to consider next years top prospects as well.





This list is nothing more than some of the many top projected prospects for next years 2013 NFL draft. Also i only added players and positions that have been first round worthy this year vs their near projected counterparts next year. And if anything we might create a better sense of what players and positions might have a greater precedence this year, and which can wait til next year. My biggest rationale behind doing this, is simply because we have 2 first round picks next year, which gives better flexibility than this year(for top talent). Hopefully this list will give some illumination on the top prospects that we might be looking to add next year with our 2 picks, a thought that might influence the direction of this years draft perhaps.

  • 2012 Prospects------- 2013 Prospects
    • Trent Richardson------ Marcus Lattimore South Carolina 6'0' '230lbs------HB
    • Justin Blackmon------ Robert Woods USC 6'1'' 184lbs-----WR
    • Micheal Floyd------ Keenan Allen California 6'3 205lbs-----WR
    • David DeCastro------ Barrett Jones Alabama 6'5'' 311lbs-----OG
    • Fletcher Cox------- Jonathan Hankins 6'3'' 335lbs-----DT
    • Matt Kalil------ D.J. Fluker Alabama 6'6'' 340lbs-----OT
    • Maurice Claiborne------- David Amerson 6'2'' 185lbs-----CB
    • Micheal Brockers------- Star Latulelei Utah 6'3'' 325lbs------DT
    • Doug Martin------ Knile Davis Arkansas 6'0'' 226lbs------HB
    • Janoris Jenkins------ Tyrann Mathieu LSU 5'9'' 179lbs-----CB
    • Stephon Gilmore------- Xavier Rhodes Florida St 6'1'' 215lbs-----CB
    • Riley Reiff------- Jake Mathews Texas A&M 6'5'' 295lbs------OT
    • Dontari Poe------- Kwame Geathers Georgia 6'5'' 350lbs-----DT
    • Devon Stills------- Kawan Short Purdue 6'3'' 310lbs-----DT
    • Alshon Jeffery------- Justin Hunter Tennessee 6'4'' 205lbs-----WR
    • Kendall Wright------- Marquess Wilson Washington St 6'2''188lbs-----WR
    • Dre Kirkpatrick------- Dee Milliner Alabama 6'1'' 196lbs-----CB
    • Stephen Hill------ Kenny Stills Oklahoma 6'0'' 190lbs-----WR
    • Jonathan Martin------ Alex Hurst LSU 6'6'' 329lbs-----OT
    • Luke Keuchly------ Manti Teo Notre Dame 6'2'' 255lbs-----ILB
    • Donta Hightower------ Jarvis Jenkins Georgia 6'3'' 241lbs-----ILB/OLB
    • Lavonte David------- Jelani Jenkins Florida 6'0'' 230lbs-----OLB

This list is just a small portion of prospect comparisons ive been looking at lately. I didnt add many OLB to this chart mainly because it is the position that we are least likely to draft in the first round this year. Below is just my own inital assesment of the talent pool in next years top 50 prospects compared to this year. No need to take any of this to heart, its just the product of a bored fan waiting patiently for April 26th.(I am not a professional analyst/ or even claim to be anything close)

The first thing that initially jumped out at me, was the lack of talent at the DT position we'll see next year vs this year. The depth of the first two rounds of DT's this year will be far superior to what we can expect next year in the first couple rounds. Also nexts years DT class seems to have more 3-4 type DT's and NT's compared to this years class. So i would make the argument that we have a better chance to grab a top prospect DT that could fit our scheme(4-3) this year rather then next. Players such as Jonathan Hankins, Star Latulelei, and Kwame Geathers are all top 25 picks and considered more as NT 3-4 fits. And this years top prospects such as Cox, Brockers, Stills, and Reyes would be considered more versatile to fit our 4-3 defense.

The CB class and WR class look fairly similar in terms both talent level and depth combined. David Amerson, Tyrann Mathuei, Robert Woods, and Keenan Allen pave the way as projected top 15 picks. And I would say the same goes for the OT class as D.J. Fluker and Jake Mathews are poised to be next year verison of Kalil and Reiff, granted a slight dropoff in talent compared to this year, the overall depth of next years OT class seem to project slightly higher among the first two rounds.

Now the next big difference i noticed, was among the OG class this year compared to next. Among most of the top 32-50 projected players i looked into i only found one 1st round projected OG and that was Barrett Jones, who averaged within the top 25(projected). This was definetly the biggest fall off in terms of talent this year vs next year. As Jones is the top gaurd prospect listed around a top 25 pick, compared with David DeCastro this year who most of us would consider at least top 10-15 talent wise. Also including this year are Cordy Glenn(top 30), Kelechi Osemele, and Kevin Zeitler(both solid 2nd rounders). Now of course take it all with a grain of salt, as im sure many of the OT's can be considered to play OG as well, also adding to the fact that OG's not being drafted as high as OT's or even other positions in that regard. However taking the above into consideration, it does give me reason to do a double take on the possibility of reaching for DeCastro.

So now i would definitely like to reiterate that none of this should be taken to literally, but rather to give all us fans a sense of what we can expect in next years draft. Perhaps their are some players among this list that you more familiar with than others, and can now keep in mind when making those final decisions on who to mock this year. Thanks for Reading Go Rams!!!!

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