MtD Live Draft - Rams results and recap

Hello there, Rams fans! I'm nolesbroncos3456, the Titans GM and acting commissioner for the past weekend's Mocking the Draft's Live Draft. It was a great success. Also helping me in my duties were Mr. Malor and TrueBlue87, since the original commissioner, seton hall and steelers, was scheduled to be out (but later showed up and helped out thanks to some great news). Anyways, Douglas M graciously invited me to do a guest post on TST over on MtD. I'm going to break down the Rams' class and respond to any and all comments, questions, complaints, etc.

I'm also open to any questions from the TST readers about the Titans as well. Maybe we can turn this into a weekly segment of Q and A. Our two organizations are tied together by Jeff Fisher and Co (with the approval of the mods and editors here, of course) and a Super Bowl I won't mention lol. I also kept track of the Rams thanks to former FSU Noles and Rams, LB Tommy Polley and OT Alex Barron. Enough of me droning on and on - onto the good stuff! JUMP!

1.6 Trent Richardson RB Alabama

- The pick here was a mild surprise to me as I had the Rams taking WR Justin Blackmon. I can see why Richardson is the pick here as Steven Jackson is wearing down and approaching the end of his career. It's time to find a replacement that will carry the load one day and can be part of a RB by committee approach in the beginning. The joke on Fisher is that he will give Jackson 400 carries since he refuses to throw the ball.

2.33 and 2.39 Reuben Randle WR LSU and Mohammed Sanu WR Rutgers

- From what I've seen of Rams games lately is that they need multiple WRs desperately to help reverse Bradford's Captain Checkdown tendencies. I admit to liking Danario Alexander's potential as I watched some of his games in college. These two will help tremendously in that regard, and both have good value in the 2nd round. I had an idea that this was coming after passing up Blackmon at #6. I also thought an OL would help here as WR is pretty deep this year.

3.65 Bobby Massie OL Ole Miss

- The Rams needed tons of OL help and they got it in the form of Massie. He can fit in anywhere and play pretty decently. Despite living in SEC country, I haven't had the chance to watch many Ole Miss games this year besides that one vs Bama where Richardson broke the ankles of that poor freshman safety TWICE in one play. I need to watch more tape on him to get an accurate reading.

4.96 Jayron Hosley CB/Returner Virginia Tech

- Getting Hosely here at 96 is a steal as I have him going in the 2nd or 3rd round. He can fill in nicely behind ex Titan Cortland Finnegan and also return kicks. I noticed the Rams were bent over by divine forces in the injury luck at the CB spot last year. Having Hosely behind Finny will help the depth a lot. He has good film on him and I got scared when Va Tech played my beloved Noles.

6.127 Kyle Wilbur OLB Wake Forest

- Another guy that I've been hearing that's flying up the boards is Wilbur. A nice solid pick this late into the draft.

7.209 Danny Trevathan OLB Kentucky

- An underrated prospect because of the college he played for isn't exactly a football powerhouse. I had him going in the 3-4 round range and is a massive steal in the 7th. He was one of the prospects I considered in the 4th before ultimately going with FSU LB Nigel Bradham. I don't know how or why he fell this far to the Rams.

7.252 Ron Brooks CB LSU

- see post above on Trevathan. Another underrated gem thanks to the load of talent in the LSU secondary.

Final thoughts: The Rams had a solid while spectacular draft class in various places that filled their needs to a T. These kinds of classes can be the foundation to returning to respectability, and eventually being playoff contenders. I give the class an overall grade of a B to a B+. Props to the Rams GMs and War Rooms!

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