My Soapbox

The Sermonator quietly walks into the center of all the bustling TST activity, places his wooden crate on the floor, steps on top, clears his throat and speaks with a noticeable level of confidence. He’s not always right, but he’s not short on opinions.

1) The Rams are not going to trade up: I don’t think Jeff Fisher and Les Snead are dummies. I don’t think they are gullible. I don’t think "draft hype" would influence them to change their minds about who to select in this draft. Just because they like T Rich and they like to run the ball doesn’t mean they’re willing to trade away valuable draft picks to move back up when they just moved down. T Rich didn’t get faster or more elusive just because some "experts" have been projecting where he’s going in the draft, and adding him to our current roster isn’t going to fix anything in and of itself. And picking him and releasing SJax would make as much sense as selecting RGIII and getting rid of Sam Bradford. One could argue that either would be an upgrade; you may be getting a slightly better player, but you’re essentially wasting a high draft pick on something you already have. We have four first round picks over the next two years to replace Jackson… if we don’t find the future replacement in the 2nd or 3rd round this year.

2) Blackmon is without question a #1 receiver: Being a #1 receiver is not determined by a player’s size or his speed. And it’s certainly not determined by his ability to run all the routes on the "tree"… really? I can run all the routes on the tree! I may never be open and I may require oxygen, but I can "go down there and turn left". That’s something goofy analysts created to have something else to talk about. In reality, there’s only one way to determine a #1 receiver: Production – Period!

Calvin Johnson is the epitome of #1 no doubt about it… but Wes Welker is a #1 just the same. So are Andre Johnson, Stevie Johnson, Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings (two #1s on GB, 1a and 1b), AJ Green, Roddy White, Victor Cruz, Miles Austin, Brandon Marshall, Kenny Britt, among others.

Technically, every team has a #1, but obviously some are #1s by default. (The Rams had Amendola in 2010 and Lloyd in 2011)

You can debate all you want to, but there’s only one fool-proof way to determine if a receiver is a #1 or not… look at the players who occupy WR1 or maybe WR2 on a Fantasy Football team. The only requirement to occupy those spots is production. Blackmon may not be a WR1 in every league this year, but he probably will be a WR2 at least.

Coming out of college, Blackmon has a better pedigree than almost anyone in history. Way better than Julio Jones and AJ Green last year and even better than Megatron. Clavin Johnson had 130 catches his final two years of college, for 2090 yards and 21 TDs. Blackmon had 232 catches for 3304 yards and an astonishing 38 TDs. If you watch video on Blackmon all you see is major production. You cannot say that Blackmon won’t be very good in the NFL any more than you could say Megatron wouldn’t be good. Blackmon was a man among boys. He won two consecutive Biletnikoff awards. That means he was the best!

He may not ultimately turn out to be the best pro coming out in this draft, but he’s going to be a #1 and he’s going to be really GOOD!

3) The Rams might be good this year: I posted a week or so ago that we need to just accept the fact that the Rams aren’t going to be good this year. They’re rebuilding. Let’s get a few pieces in place this year and then maybe next year we can make our move… but I’m such a homer that I’m willing to also believe the opposite… that the Rams might actually be good now!

With the right draft picks, with good health, and with a brand new attitude from the top down, anything is possible. Frisco should be very good, but I don’t think that either Seattle or Arizona were out of reach last year and they haven’t done anything significant to distance themselves this year. When it’s all said and done, the Rams will have probably improved more than they have. So, it’s possible.

We need a couple of really good offensive linemen from this draft, and we need at least one young gun at WR (if healthy, Steve Smith should make up for the loss of Lloyd and Amendola is back.) Blackmon, Floyd, Randle, or Jeffrey could get it the job done.

Then spend the rest of the draft on the defense and who knows? We might just have some postseason fun this year. It’s going to be great no matter what happens… but winning makes it taste a lot sweeter.

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