3 Scenario Mock Draft

This is three different scenarios of mock drafts. They are all without trades.

DT First

1. Fletcher Cox DT, Mississippi State- Some people may say Brockers here but i think Cox is much more impressive and while not having the ceiling Brockers has, Cox could start from day 1 and be a contributer.

2A. Alshon Jeffery WR, University of South Carolina- A big wide reciever for Bradford to throw to who could actually catch the ball. While i think he will never be a dominate number 1 reciever i think he could be a good one.

2B. Kelechi Osemele OG/OT Iowa State- Being able to play multiple positions on a line is always a good thing and he could start right away at left guard.

3. LaMichael James RB, Oregon- The next Darren Sproles. He will add explosiveness to the Rams offense which we have been lacking.

4. Sean Spence OLB, Miami- A linebacker to finally give Laurinaitis some help. Could start from Day 1 mainly because of how terrible out outsider linebackers are, but i think he could develop into a good starter.

6. Matt Reynolds OT, BYU- Very underrated tackle prospect who could develop into a starter one day with the right coaching.

7A. Miles Burris OLB, San Diego- Decent prospect with a high motor and a ceileing to eventually become a starter if properly developed. Could be a very good special teams ace and could replace Dominique Curry to keep that spot for a real wide reciever.

7B. Dominique Hamilton DT Mizzou- 6'5" 320 lbs DT prospect whose mainly a run stuffer. Could develop into a nice role player. He has been rumored to go between round 5 and undrafted so he may or may not be here.

RB First

1. Trent Richardson RB, Alabama- We finally get Steven Jackson a good backup who is i think the best prospect behind Luck and RG3. Richardson would give us a great 1 2 punch and give Bradford a great run game to open the passing game up for our recievers.

2A. Alshon Jeffery WR, University of South Carolina- I think Jeffery is the third best Wide Reciever right now behing Blackmon and Floyd. Jeffery falls here because of his motivational issues and while Reuban Randle has been getting a lot of attention here recently i personally think Jeffery is better now and has a higher ceiling.

2B. Brandon Thompson DT, Clemson- Good run stuffing DT who i see falling here. He is not the best pass rusher but i think he can help collapse the pocket from the inside with some coaching. He can take double teams and would open things up for Long and Quinn to get at the Quarterback.

3. Nigel Bradham OLB, Florida State- Good hard hitting OLB giving Laurinaitis some help finally. He is not the best in pass coverage but i believe he can get better with some coaching from our staff.

4. Brandon Brooks OG, Miami of Ohio- Good guard who could be a starter later in the season and definitely by next year.

6. Matt Reynolds OT, BYU- I think he is vastly underrated and could develop into a good starter in a year or two.

7A. Jacquies Smith DE, Mizzou- pass rushing specialist, while undersized could be a decent rotational player.

7B. Bryan Anger P, California- We need a punter.

That was pretty much copy paste from my last mock draft but here is the last scenario i think could happen.

WR first

1. Justin Blackmon WR, Oklahoma State University- The best Wide Reciever in the draft. Some say Floyd is better but i think Blackmon is more developed at this point. Blackmon could come in and instantly be out number 1 reciever.

2A. Bobby Massie OT, Mississippi- Great right tackle prospect who i think could start from day 1 and give us a pair of bookend tackles we thought we had last year. I think he will stay on the right side and Saffold will stay as our left tackle.

2B. Brandon Thompson DT, Clemson- Again a good run stuffing DT who would open things up for Long and Quinn. Great value here and i think Worthy would be gone at this point.

3. LaMichael James RB, Oregon- Would give us the homerun threat that weve been lacking and i believe could handle being a spot starter if needed.

4. Sean Spence OLB Miami- A linebacker who iv noticed is getting a lot of love from TST. I think he could start right away and develop into a quality linebacker.

6. Audie Cole OLB, North Carolina State- A linebacker with experience at the Strongside and as a middle linebacker. He could go a little before but i think he drops and the Rams pick him here. He could develop into a productive starter.

7A. Desmond Wynn OG, Rutgers- Good run blocking guard prospect who is still developing his pass blocking abilities. I think with our staff he could potentially start in a year or two.

7B. Jaquiess Smith DE, Mizzou- Undersized DE who is a pass rushing specialist. He needs time to develop but luckily we already have Quinn and Long so he can stay on the bench or in a rotation as he develops.

Ok so those are three scenarios which i think could happen. Vote for which you would want most and tell me in the comments what you think of the drafts and who you would pick differently.

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