Kinzav's 2012 Rams' Mock for Thought

JUST A HEADS UP: This is who I want in the draft, not who I think we'll pick. I try hard to target prospects I think will be available, so you might see guys going earlier than you'd expect. That aside, I like all these guys in some way or another and would love to have 'um on the team.

Anyways, read on :)

Round 1, Pick 6: Justin Blackmon WR, Oklahoma State University (6'1", 210)
It's been discussed ad nauseum, but there's a reason for that. He's a top player, Minnesota's had rumblings for Blackmon, along with the Browns and Bucs, because he's a viable candidate at 3 as well as 6. He is very good.
Awards: 2010/11 First team All Big 12, 2010/11 Biletnikoff Award, 2010/11 unanimous All-American, 2010 Big 12 OPOTY

Round 2, Pick 1: Lavonte David WLB, University of Nebraska (6'1", 225)
Really talented kid. Comes in and contributes on day one. Interesting combo of speed, instincts, and tackling ability. Has that Jon Beason feel to him that should make him a standout.
Awards: 2011 First team All Big Ten

Round 2, Pick 7: Kevin Zeitler OG, University of Wisconsin (6'4" 315)
He just moves forward. Real violent blocker with a nasty road grader mentality. Very capable on pulls and should help extend SJax's shelf-life.
Awards: 2011 First team All Big Ten

Round 3, Pick 2: Cyrus Gray RB, Texas A&M (5'10" 200)
That do it all RB that should translate well to a starting role in the NFL. Good blend of speed and power with the receiving skills to remain an every down back. Like a less creative version of Lesean McCoy.
Awards: 2009/10 All Big 12 honorable mention

Round 4, Pick 1: Joe Adams WR, University of Arkansas (5'11" 190)
Straight baller. Dude will juke you out of your shoes. Has the skillz to pay the billz. Realistically, reminds me a lot of Dante Hall - a burner whose great on returns and should stretch the field at least a little. Could work on his hands.
Awards: 2009 Second team All SEC, 2011 Johnny Rodgers Award

Round 6, Pick 1: Levy Adcock OT, Oklahoma State University (6'6" 320)
His stock has slipped and it's probably because of his athleticism. He won't be mistaken for D'Brickashaw Ferguson but he can provide good depth on the OL. Hopefully converts his adequate NFL size into adequate NFL play.
Awards: 2011 First team All Big 12



Round 7, Pick 2: Miles Burris OLB, San Diego State University (6'3" 235)
There's a great write up on him on MTD ( High motor, good speed. A real chance at making the team, maybe a backup SLB (or more?), and probably a demon on special teams.
Awards: 2010 First team All MWC

Round 7, Pick 45: Matt Daniels SS, Duke University (6'1" 210)
Tough, strong, and smart. Often a leading tackler for Duke games. Limited in the passing game (average playing deep) but real strong and instinctive in the run game. Another possible special teams demon.
Awards: 2009/10 Academic All ACC (smart dude)



Blackmon (at X) revitalizes the offense with some immediate 'plug and play' production similar to JJ and AJ last year. Steve Smith holds down the Z, with Amendola in the slot, along with valuable contributions from Joe Adams, Gibson and Salas (in that order). Cyrus plays a good role as spell back, allowing SJax to maintain his monstrous pace through the season. The Oline evolves with Saffold LT, Some One LG , Scott Wells C, Zeitler RG, and Dahl RT while TE remains an enigma. The offense balances out with a threat in the passing game, along with better blocking, culminating in Bradford's progression towards becoming the centerpiece of this young team. The offense stays on the field longer, remedies its redzone woes with balance and Blackmon, and gives our defense a chance to look good.

The Dline holds up fine with Quinn and Long providing consistent pressure along with a talented Langford at DT paired with a revolving door at the other spot (I expect Scott to hold it most of the time). Lavonte steps in day 1 and grabs the WLB spot doing well in both run and pass downs, while JL works on his pro bowl campaign. Dunbar sits in the SLB spot, but only looks adequate next to the other 2 studs. CB is solved with the feisty Finnegan across from Fletcher/Murphy/Gordy/etc. The safeties stabilize as Mikell and D. Stewart grow into a very reliable tandem in run and pass situations. Scheme-wise Fisher is able to establish what Spags wish he had: a defense that will hold the fort with disciplined play at every position, while capitalizing on any and all mistakes the offense makes.

Special Teams
Joe Adams holds down all return spots, preventing Pettis from getting blown up. Kickers and punters blah blah blah.

This "Dream Te--, I mean, Rams squad probably goes undefeated on its way to the most lopsided shellacking of a Super Bowl opponent in history (Texans lose 86-0) as SJax, Fisher, and Bradford (due to the breaking of every single season passing record) solidify their places in Canton.

Since you made it this far (or was smart and just skipped to the end), enjoy some music!

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