A different Rams Mock

I'm well aware of how important getting a top-tier WR is for the Rams in this year's draft, but I'm wanting to explore just how much we can solidify our team in other areas if we don't pick up a wideout until late. This is my feeble attempt at that, and yes, I do remember that I said that my last mock would be my last mock for the year... But I got bored. Sue me (don't sue me)

Round 1, Pick 6: Michael Brockers, DT, LSU

I would love for us to pick up Trent Richardson here, but its hard to see him falling past both Cleveland and Tampa. Brockers has as much upside as anyone on the defensive side of the football in the draft, and I believe that our FO will fall in love with him during his visit. He'll give us a really nasty defensive line. I know that a lot of people see Fletcher Cox ahead of Brockers, but we'll just see.

Round 2, Pick 1: Lavonte David, OLB, Nebraska

This remains to be the biggest hole on our team, even bigger than our receiving corps. David provides a great start to filling that hole, and could fare really well playing next to JL55.

Round 2, Pick 6: Janoris Jenkins, CB, Alabama

The dude can flat out play. This would be a perfect place to pick him up as well.

Round 3, Pick 2: James Brown, OT, Troy

I really, really like this guy's name. Plus, he has the raw potential that Fisher usually likes to work with in linemen. He could potentially even play LT for us, if Saffold shows he can't hold up.

Round 4, Pick 1: Tommy Streeter, WR, Miami

He's a workout warrior, and vastly underdeveloped... Yeah, I get that. However, he can provide the complimentary piece of what our receiving corps is lacking: Height and speed. Plus, he's a cheap gamble here in round 4.

Round 6, Pick 1: Desmond Wynn, G, Rutgers

A bit of both a sleeper prospect and a depth pick. Offensive Line injuries crushed any attempts that the Rams could make at having a healthy offense. Wynn could develop into an NFL starter, and would also make a great backup.

Round 7, Pick 2: Chris Owusu, WR, Stanford

Another receiver who, given his athletic ability (not to mention his QB play), should have produced more than he did. However, explosiveness is what the Rams need, so he wouldn't be a bad pickup here.

Round 7, Pick 56: Shaun Powell, P, Florida State

Most people have been projecting us to get Anger as our punter, but I like to be a bit different. Seems to be more of a power punter than an accurate one.

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