The Blackmon vs Floyd debate

Odds are that we will end up with one of these fine young athletes. Not saying its etched in stone but the odds are in favor of us getting a WR. Now between the two there are several simularites, both are have good YAC, good ball skills great hands, physical at the line of scrimmage and have fantastic body control but there are differences as well.

Blackmon is clearly the better than Floyd with the ball in his hands, he isnt scared to get hit and has great ball skills that WILL require a DB to step up and lay a hit on him, i also believe he is a much better route runner then Floyd allowing him to gain better seperation, he also catches the ball away from his body on intermediate routes which is also a good habit.


Floyd does hold one key advantage over Blackmon, the ability to catch the ball at its highest especially a jump ball in the corner of the endzone. All the stud WR's in the NFL are great at jump balls, Fitz, Andre and the best Calvin Johnson, on the other hand Blackmon rarely went up for the ball at its highest point when thrown a fade, he waits for the ball to drop in his basket.

So if your expecting Blackmon to have a shot at being a Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitz then your out of luck, he dosent play the same style, he will be a possesion receiver but i believe he will develop into one of the league best at it, he wont be a great Red Zone threat or a burner but he will constantly move the chains

Floyd however has a shot to develop into an elite #1 WR, but i cant say it will honestly happen, his ability to catch the ball at its highest point and his body control while in the air are promising but his route running is sloppy and needs work, he will be a project but could end up being great.

Watch the jump ball and fades in these videos, Floyd has the clear advantage in this category

Justin Blackmon Highlights

Michael Floyd Highlights

The way i see it Blackmon would help Bradford more then Floyd, Bradford likes to throw to saftey blankets over the middle, Amendola shined because of this but blackmon is a different kind of beast, with his good hands and YAC ability he will improve Bradfords progressions because he will have someone he can trust to catch and run rather then throwing a prayer up in the air and hoping.

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