What do you mean by there is holes in the Rams Roster ( with the best mock draft i've seen)

Greeting everyone there have long been this debate that the St. Louis Rams is full of holes like a swiss Cheese. With this I am amazed at how much injured this team a year ago. A review of the 2010 season indicated that this team was on a rise instead we went down. But I really wonder on how a team that was once 7-9 to be full of holes as some say. These are professional athletes that do get paid to do a job they also are capable of becoming a better player and hence with better coaching staff. Hence, today the St. Louis Rams have officially announced their 20 member coaching staff which includes top Head Coach Jeff Fisher. With the addition of experience coaches such as offensive line coach who was at the Atlanta Falcon before he came on board. He is no stranger to help building up a offensive lineman and developing players. Holes are indeed created by coaches who are not able to bring out the best in a player or able to scout raw talent and I believe with this addition it would be a better offensive line in 2012.

In Defense of Sam Bradford (via RamsONDEMAND)

Sam Bradford, Robert Quinn, Lance Kendricks, Rodger Saffold and even Greg Salas are all extraordinary talents who haven't had a the chance to fully develop.All of these players have the physical tools to succeed, but it has not happened yet for a variety of reasons, such as coaching, environment and injuries. And this is where Jeff Fisher staff of experience coaches comes in. I believe as if the crew is just building a new ship and is yet to set sail until the 2013 season. As we see how we approach free agency it is said to be noted that we are making offers to most of these free agency on a multiple year deal. At the current pace we going its a slow and steady road.

In that I believe that with Brian Schottenheimer who was the jets offensive coordinator from 2006-2011 as well as some quaterback coaching will not thrust Sam Bradford into any complex as what Josh Mcdaniels did with a shorten offseason.Brian was the quarterback coach of the San Diego Chargers from 2002 to 2005 and played a role in the development of star quarterbacks Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers, so he's clearly knowledgeable of the position and will help Sam Bradford grow. But with a longer time I see the signing of Steve Smith Coming in and coming back to form as well as Jerome Simpson. I see us With Amendola coming back from injury no the rams will not go out and make any rash decision whether it be Floyd, Blackmon or even Hill who where it is I see the rams doing a well detail research on each player and how they fit into our system. People the draft is about detail research and how a rookie fit a certain system. There are plenty of first round wr that did not pan out. Brandon Lloyd was selected in the fourth round and see how that work out for the rams. I could Dwight Jones be a brakout player.


1. Justin Blackmon wr

2a Rueben Randle Wr

Rueben Randle vs Florida '11 and Alabama '10 (via JPDraftJedi)

2b Kevin Zeitler

Kevin Zeitler highlights Nebraska and Penn State.wmv (via swishabc1)

3 Alemada Ta' amu

Alameda Ta'amu vs Washington State 2011 (via JMPasq)

4 Sean Spence

Sean Spence Miami Hurricanes Highlights (via canefreak2001)


6 Isiah Pead

RB Isaiah Pead #23 Highlights - Cincinnati Bearcats (via RustyShackelford311)


Hebron Fangupo DT BYU Highlights (via arnsports)

7 Joe Foreman OG

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